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Review: Rainbow

by Tori Kimber
Tue, Sep 19th 2017 06:00 pm
Photo courtesy of Instagram
Photo courtesy of Instagram

After an almost three-year hiatus, most of which Kesha spent in court battling a breach of contract allegation against ex-producer/mentor Dr. Luke, she has finally come back into the spotlight. Kesha began her career seven years ago when she released her wild and exciting debut album “Animal,” from which came her biggest hit, “Tik Tok.” 

The most-listened to hits off of her new album “Rainbow,” are “Praying” and “Learn to Let Go.” 

As her fans and audience listen to her new songs, the question on everyone’s mind is: during her time away, did she become a more virtuous person? As the album begins and you hear all of the tracks, you can hear dual selves in the album: who she was and who she has become. There are a number of angry ballads, pop sing-alongs and catchy, feisty feminine anthems. 

The old Kesha does resurface in the second half, which really goes to show that the first half was some much-needed therapy. She had to get a lot off her chest and throw some glitter on before she could continue. 

The songs she wrote and recorded that addressed her situation show her at her most vulnerable and do a great job at getting her point across, especially in the first song of the album “Bastards,” which is one of her angrier, yet still inspirational songs. Tracks like “Learn to Let Go,” “Praying” and “Rainbow” clearly come from a more serious spot in her heart. 

The earlier tracks are self-aware as Kesha starts to unravel and sing more of her pop sing-alongs. As inspiration goes, other than from her own personal experience, it seems like she was influenced by P!NK and Avril Lavigne: pissed-off but still breathing, and Lady Gaga who at times has soft songs to express her feelings. There’s no doubt that the music in this new album has totally opened the eyes of many of her listeners. 

This is the beginning of a new chapter in her life. There is still some of the old Kesha left in her, which is shown in one of the later tracks of the album, “Boogie Feet,” which feels real and refreshing, as if she is opening up again and finding her spunk. So as Kesha once said in her song, “Let ‘Em Talk,” “Don’t let the losers take your magic.” 

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