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Community fitness lab plans to fit right in

by Jaymi Kent - News Editor
Tue, Sep 12th 2017 11:00 pm

The College at Brockport campus now has an addition to the already immense amount of exercise programs. The new Community Fitness Lab is now open and ready for business.

With three different package options that start as low as $50, individuals can have their fitness tested and measured in a variety of ways. The fitness lab offers discounts for students and are open to the college, as well as faculty and staff of Brockport campus. Each package has an array of different tests and areas of fitness that can be measured. It is a personalized profile of your overall health, or whatever specific area of your fitness profile you prefer.

It all varies on what you the individual wants, which could include someone who may want to only know about their body mass, or an individual who is competing in a sporting event and wants to identify the perfect training zone. People can even stop in and simply look for a program to lose weight.

Fitness Lab Director, Brooke Starkoff, Assistant professor of kinesiology, sport studies, P. E., says that the lab has various different testings that can be done.

“We can do testing to look at their current level of health, any changes to their healthand help create exercise prescriptions for those results,” Starkoff said.

The community fitness lab would benefit those who are just trying to get a better understanding of what their current level of fitness is, and also just to promote healthy habits, whether it be healthy eating or more physical activities. Those on a performance level would benefit from the lab as well.

The need for the fitness lab is evident, Starkoff believes.

“There is not much out here in Brockport in terms of what the fitness lab would provide for its members,” Starkoff said.

Having it personalized is the difference between following a generic workout routine or seeing results that are tailored specifically to you. Anyone who comes in and has testing done will benefit.

“Once the Lab is up in running, it will have a strong educational piece to it, allowing for students in the exercise science major to work in the lab,” Starkoff said

The community fitness lab is different from other options such as hiring a personal trainer or going to the SERC, because it truly goes into great detail on what your current fitness level is and designs a workout that tells you how hard to push, how often and provides an overall sense of accomplishment as you meet your goals.

The community fitness lab goes above and beyond to promote wellness, health and well-being by striving not only to give its members the results of their tests, but also to create a plan with their members and track their progress.

“It is one thing to simply give someone their body fat measurements and say here you go, good luck, but we really get involved with our members, and watch as they meet their goals and track their progress,” said Starkoff. “They become involved in the process heavily.”

With a new place geared towards staying healthy, the college and village community now have top notch fitness resources at their fingertips.


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