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Review: "Annabelle: Creation"

by Jaymi Kent- News Editor
Tue, Sep 12th 2017 08:15 pm

Let’s just dive right in. “Annabelle: Creation” was released Aug. 11, 2017. It is the prequel to the prior “Annabelle” movies. The movie itself left a lot open for speculation, and no definitive answers were given. For example, toward the end of the movie, the priest comes out and presents the doll to the girls, stating that the doll was simply a vessel for “the evil” and now that it has found another vessel, it has returned to being just a doll. Yet, in every other “Annabelle” movie, once the doll shows up everything demonic that could happen to a person, does happen. In any case, the demons in each movie are clearly different, which doesn’t provide for much consistency throughout the movies. 

The beginning of the film is what really makes someone think about not only the (lack of) parenting skills the characters Samuel and Esther have, but also the method that demons actually use to get into this world. Despite the desperate pleas of Samuel and Esther, those down below really did not care. The demon that was summoned is not Lucifer or Satan, but a lesser demon that torments families before ultimately possessing one of the family members and using them as a vessel to slaughter them. 

Those at the helm clearly did some research, but not enough to really present and give justice to the demonic force. The spirit of their daughter is and never was in jeopardy at all. The demon simply mimicked their daughter in her ghost like form; a simple illusion meant to lull the parents into a false sense of security. This part of the film clearly demonstrates the selfish behavior humans have when it comes to a loved one dying. Cry, have a funeral, remember your child and move on. Do not summon a demon. Is this in the parenting handbook? 

The movie itself relied heavily on jump scares, as does its predecessors. This is another movie where the actual monster or creature can be seen (which is always a ploy to simply get people to come see it). The camera panning and close-ups were well-done, adding that “extra scary” feel to the overall movie. In certain scenes, such as the bed scene where no creature can be seen, only blackened footprints lead into the room while Linda hid under her covers. The dark to light contrast was very well placed and shot, seen with moonlight streaming in only on the blackened footprints leading up to Linda’s bed. 

The reference to the real Annabelle doll when Janice is meeting her future parents is a wonderful little Easter egg that only those who know more of the real life events would get. 

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