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New UP chief settles into position

by Tori Martinez- MANAGING EDITOR
Tue, Sep 12th 2017 03:00 pm

University Police’s brand-new chief of police, Daniel Vasile, has only been in his position for a week, but he already has a handful of plans he hopes to accomplish in the current and upcoming semester, both to help improve the UP department in any way possible and to better serve the college campus with more community policing.

Vasile, whose first official day on the job was Wednesday, Sept. 6, was notified of his promotion from night lieutenant to police chief back in late August, about a month after Edward Giblin stepped down. Giblin served as the UP assistant chief  from 2009 until February 2016, prior to holding the title of police chief for about 16 months. Giblin said that after his many years in the field, he’s just looking to do something different. He has no immediate plans right now. 

Vasile came to Brockport as a lieutenant in 2012 after serving as a patrol officer for Alfred State University Police from 2006 to 2012. He first came to Brockport as a student in the fall of 1997, but left after the following spring semester. After taking some time off to work a construction job and at Alfred UP, he came back to finish his criminal justice degree and graduated in 2007. Vasile is currently enrolled in the college’s master program at the MetroCenter in Rochester for public administration with a concentration in public management. He hopes to have his master’s degree by next summer. Vasile said he wanted to come back to Brockport as a lieutenant because he was already comfortable with the campus and the people he knew here.

“I just have a very good comfort level with Brockport,” Vasile said. “I love the college and members of the [UP] department here. Then when you get to know members of other departments like residential life and athletics, you create that comfort level. I couldn’t think of a better place that I would want to be than right here.” 

Growing up, Vasile always knew he wanted to become a police officer. With catering chefs for parents, he spent much of his time back then working in the restaurant industry, from cooking to cleaning to serving. He decided to go to college for criminal justice as a way to move toward his goal of becoming an officer, and is now working toward his second degree to become a better leader. Choosing to get his master’s degree from Brockport was hardly a question for him; he wants to show his dedication to the college that has offered him many opportunities. Vasile’s feelings about his new position are hardly different.

“I’m excited for the opportunity. I look forward to challenges ahead, and I’m eager to go out there and do a great job, to show my appreciation by doing the best job for the college and to show them that they made the right choice,” Vasile said.

Vasile’s immediate plans are to enhance community policing and bring the department up to the highest standards it can hold, through more police trainings and a New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services accreditation. The DJCS is a progressive and contemporary accreditation that helps police departments evaluate and improve their overall performance, comprised of three different categories: administrative, training and operations. 

The accreditation is a formal  recognition that the department is being held to a high set of standards. Echoing Giblin’s former goals, Vasile hopes to improve the department through more police assessments like active shooter trainings. Being well prepared for any situation is just another way University Police can better protect and assist the campus.

Vasile has a few ideas about ways to improve community policing that he doesn’t want to release just yet, but one of his main projects right now is getting University Police up-to-date on its social media presence. Vasile says the idea came when he recognized the changing and growing technology in the world and on college campuses. If most students are surfing Facebook and Twitter on their phones, why not reach them through this new technology? It’s something he’s seen other college police departments do, and he believes it’s time Brockport caught up. By joining the social media world, UP can be more transparent and open with the college community, as well as send out emergency or timely updates. This is just one simple and easy technique Vasile can use to reach the community more effectively.

“It’ll be a great tool and resource for us, and I think it’ll be a great way for us to connect with some students,” Vasile said.

He also touched on the idea that being the chief doesn’t mean he should come into the position with a bunch of plans he came up with himself, but that he needs to listen to what others want and need in order to make decisions about improving the department.

“I don’t want to be more of a traditional leader who thinks it’s my time and my turn to make the decisions. I want to be that open leader who listens to the students and members of the department so we can get them what they need to succeed,” Vasile said.

When not in uniform, Vasile spends his free time being with his wife and teenage kids, usually outside in the fresh air hiking, camping or going for a run. If he decides to spend the night in, he’ll probably be watching “House of Cards” or “Law and Order” on Netflix. He works hard at his job, but his family comes first; he doesn’t just find the time to bond with his kids, he makes it. Without the support of his wife and children, he wouldn’t have the confidence and motivation it takes to do the job he does. 

At the end of the day, Vasile wants students to know that they can always email him directly if they have any concerns or comments, both negative and positive. Vasile says University Police is here to help students with anything they need, from assistance during an emergency to helping students get into their locked cars to escorting someone home. If a student needs help, they can call the station at 585-395-2226. If a student ever has something to say to Vasile directly, they can email him at dvasile@brockport.edu



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