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The College at Brockport: from a fresh perspective

by Sarah Morris - Copy Editor
Wed, Sep 6th 2017 12:00 am

Change can be terrifying. Going away for school for the first time can be a difficult transition. The stress of moving in, missing home and lack of knowledge of the campus and people is enough to set fear in the hearts of those going to college.

However, change can also be exciting. Brockport is a relatively smaller school with approximately 8500 students, making it feel more comfortable and close with others. According to a self-conducted survey, four out of five freshmen said that one of their favorite things about Brockport is the people.

"It's pretty awesome," freshman Sarah Thalhammer said. "There are a lot of clubs and if you go off campus you can go into town and get food with anybody, really. I like it." 

Steven Burgess, another freshman, wholeheatedly agreed. 

"I also like all the situations going on campus," he said. "The classes aren't too bad and all the clubs are available."

There are over 120 clubs and organizations at Brockport, giving everyone an opportunity to do something they love and meet people with similar interests. Joining a club or organization is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make friends. 

Several people commented on the selection and quality of the food here at Brockport. 

"My favorite thing about Brockport is probably the dining hall," said freshman, Steven Carline. "There's a lot of good food. Harrison has more of a selection, but Brockway's got higher quality stuff." 

Carline's friends around him nodded in agreement and then continued on their journey to the Harrison Dining Hall.

Freshmen aren't the only new students attending the college this semester, however. When asked, transfer student, Isaiah Utley, said: "I like [Brockport] a lot more. There are a lot more people I like; more like me. A lot more athletes which is what I came here for. I like it a lot."

Utley transfered to Brockport this semester from another college.

 "Brockport is definitely more than what I expected," freshman            Danielle Benedetto said. "Everyone is very welcoming and I feel like coming here was the good choice to make." 

There was one negative Brockport review, though. 

Freshman Rob Peifer said that he was disappointed because it's a smaller campus than he expected. 

"I was originally looking at big division one schools," Peifer said.  "But it's not necessarily a bad thing."

Peifer is here to study sports management and get internships, but that's not all. "I'm here to hopefully make some life long friends."

A smaller campus makes it easy to learn everyone's names and get to know people. 

According to Sarah Marsh, the best freshmen dorm building is Thompson Hall. 

"I honestly think it's the best because they just renovated it," she said. "I think they have a good size and the bed risers are really easy to handle, stuff like that. I'd say it's very welcoming."