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Construction continues throughout campus

by Jaymi Kent - News Editor
Wed, Sep 6th 2017 12:00 am

Campus construction for the new dorm is underway. It is on track and expected to be done by the end of summer 2018. It will be a 263 bed residence hall with a "hotel style" suite which consists of  two person rooms with a private bathroom. The center of campus construction faced some backlog this summer due to weather. 

"The construction crew are catching up however, and expected to have 90 percent completed by the end of late November, early December," John Osowski, Director of Facilities and Planning said.   

The first floor of Albert W.  Brown building will hold the Office for Students with Disabilities and the Honors College, among other facilities.

"The second phase of the Albert W. Brown building construction has been completed, and the remaining phases will be completed by the Summer of 2018," Osowski said.

This is part of phase one of the renovations, which is still being worked on. Something to look forward to is the new green lawn that will appear in the landscape area near the Seymour  College Union and Tower Fine Arts. Also over the summer, the reconstruction of Aerie Café was completed and is now available to students. 

Renovations to Hartwell Hall are beginning to show as well. The stairwell improvement project is two months away from completion. The east side entrance doors into Hartwell are also being replaced. The project will continue next year. 

Mortimer Residential Hall also had some work done over this past summer. Floors two through seven have had 28 bathrooms refurbished. Hazen Center for Integrated Care has also been updated in the reception room, but medical and office rooms. Tower Fine Arts' north entrance stairs will be replaced next year. This year the lawn was replaced and a light post was added to provide passersby with adequate lighting at night. 

As navigating for students who are familiar with the Brockport campus can be difficult, transfer students may face the toughest challenge when it comes to geting around. 

   Transfer student Lisa Rutter describes her interactions with getting to class as being "a little tricky and annoying." 

     Rutter seems to have high hopes for the near future but for some, it seems like the construction will never end. 

   "Most of my classes this semester are in Hartwell Hall and the only semi annoying thing about that is I have to go through the Union or around it to get to class, but I just have to remind myself that this is only temporary and it will get a lot better," Rutter said.  

     Rutter recalls her first time coming to the Brockport campus, and seeing the construction.

    "As a transfer student, my time at Brockport has been with everything under construction." The image of the Brockprt campus may be in jeopardy, but Rutter sees that the work that has been completed, is showing that the campus will be a pleasant sight for those who attend and visit. "I didnt fully know how to get how to get around without the fences, but once the the work was completed bit by bit and they stareted taking down the fences and I saw how open and beautiful the work was, it made it all worth it."

The campus is slowly but surely coming together and students are realizing this. The main pathway to Holmes Hall has been available since last year, starting in the spring semester, which brought back easy access to students and falculty.            

"I love the open space and not being confined to a narrow pathway anymore." 

Another campus renovation that has been completed which is noticible to students is the Aerie Café. Newly updated and a more modern feel now envelops the cafe. A full menu as opposed to the few items they had before the renovations, presents students, faculty, and staff with more options to eat. Easily accessible packaged snacks invites people to buy.  


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