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Jews vs. Nazis' drinking games stirs controversy

by Jaymi Kent -News Editor
Wed, Sep 6th 2017 12:00 am

Students at a private K-12 school in Atlanta were suspended after a Snapchat picture revealed that they were playing beer pong ... but with a twist. This version of beer pong was called "Jews vs. Nazis." The image showed that each side had its cups arranged into either a Swastika or the Star of David. The video released shortly after revealed the students playing the game. According to the New York Post, the Lovett School's headmaster, William S. Peebles, took action and expelled one student, suspended five and gave the two remaining culprits "restriction to afterschool activities." This still does not change the fact that everyone needed to get expelled. 

Why everyone didn't get expelled is beyond me. The student who was expelled was only given that punishment because the student "misled" school officials about his role in setting up and participating in the game, which contributed to the decision to expel him, according to WSB's newscast students suspended, expelled for playing 'Jews vs. Nazis' beer pong.

How about we just expel everyone and not really weigh the roles each individual had in this party? 

If you were there and took part in this game, you should get expelled. That is not a hard concept to understand. The student expelled was the same one who took the picture and brought it to the attention of the public. This is the sort of white privilege incident that occurs when we do not teach students, whether they go to a public or private school, that this is NOT OKAY. The student even had the gall to send the picture to a Rabbi. 

Some would say this is too lenient of a punishment for this act. The actual age of these offenders is what really should raise alarm to people (as well as the fact that they were drinking illegally). The bigger picture is the anti-semitic drinking game. Could we also say that we live in an age where racial slurs, language and jokes are used throughout our everyday life? Could we chalk this up to a joke that these kids decided to pull? 

I mean, when playing a drinking game, the idea is to get drunk, not worry about what culture or race you are offending with your Solo cup arrangements. 

However, it was still anti-semitic, and whether they were doing that as a joke or not isn't important. What's important is someone got offended and now they are suspended. Case closed. 

Obviously the education in that school does not really focus on any cultural aspects of other races in general. I assume its history books have some pages where Wite-Out has been used heavily. An incident like this should not happen. When I think of private schools, I gather the (somewhat asinine) assumption that these children's parents have taught them to know how to handle themselves (or at least mask it better) when it comes to respecting other cultures' tragic history and not poke fun at it. I do, however, get great pleasure from the fact that these kids were discovered or "snitched on" so to speak by a Rabbi. 

According to a Daily News article by Brett Bodner, the individual who brought it to the attention of the Lovett School was a Rabbi by the name of Peter Berg. He received the Snapchat picture and reported it to the school's headmaster. Imagine being in the position to report that, and it has to do with your own history and culture directly. He was probably ready to punch one of those kids directly. I know I would. 


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