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ONLINE: Make the dorms a home away from home

by Matt Clark-Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 5th 2017 06:35 pm
Photo taken by Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR A decorated dorm can actually be very warm and inviting.
Photo taken by Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR A decorated dorm can actually be very warm and inviting.
For many students, going to college means leaving home for the first time. Living in a residence hall may seem intimidating and even scary. A lot of people end up moving in with a stranger, maybe a few strangers depending on the dorm setup. Many develop feelings of homesickness and loneliness. Dorm rooms are often bland, colorless and shabby. The lucky ones get carpet in their dorms. Dorms are nothing special at first, but with a little creativity, it's possible to make a dorm room feel like home.
One way to do this is to cover the walls with posters and photos. Photos and posters are a great way to be surrounded with reminders of the better things in life. Walls are basically giant canvases primed for things be displayed on them. Photos of friends and family are an effective way to remember home and loved ones. Fans of television serieses or a series of movies can hang up posters of various sizes. Arranging the photos and posters on the wall can serve as a creative outlet as well.
Another way to make a dorm feel like home is to bring any favorite possessions from home and keep them there. Readers can bring some of their favorite books. Gamers can bring some with them. Souvenirs from family vacations, awards and gifts are all great things to keep in a dorm room.  
Adding some color to a dorm can also make it seem more comfortable. Color coding decor and possessions will make the room more pleasant to look at. When buying bedsheets, towels, dishes and crates, try getting all of them in the same color, or create a palette of possessions. This can also be a good way to distinguish what belongs to each roommate.
Most people get used to the dorms fairly quickly. Most of the time students are outside of their dorms doing fun stuff anyway. After long day of class, work and keeping in touch with people, bed will the most appealing place to be in the whole world, and that is when a dorm room becomes home.

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