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Review: Rick and Morty Season Three

by Tegan Mazur-Copy Desk Chief
Tue, Sep 5th 2017 06:00 pm

It's not over until it's over, but the third season of one of Adult Swim's most popular shows is nothing to shake a plumbus at. "Rick and Morty" thrives on the balance between quick, decisive dips into the toxicity of human relationships and the hilarity of how many times Morty has had to defuse a drunken Rick neutrino bomb. If you're looking for a deeper meaning to it all, you haven't been listening to Rick. If you're looking for a pickle that can take down a Russian agency, then buckle up. 

What people love about "Rick and Morty" is Rick. We all love the blue haired alcoholic who is aware he is the smartest person in every room he has ever been in. That entertaining arrogance is ever present in this season, in all our favorite ways. We get to see Rick really showcase his revolting genius in every facet, everything from getting black out drunk and orchestrating the deaths of some knock-off Avengers, or constructing a pickle/rat exosuit to avoid going to therapy. When we settle in for an episode of "Rick and Morty," we want something hilarious and iconic. Rick turning himself into a pickle was just the thing we needed this season. 

That's not to say the emotional and psychological aspects of "Rick and Morty" are not entertaining as well. The show is not afraid to poke fun at mainstream ideas, or at itself (just not for too long). This season we have seen Rick get called out for his toxic behaviors, we've seen Rick lay into Jerry for his parasitic tendencies, and we even got an entire episode devoted to seeing what happens to Rick and Morty when they try to get rid of the toxic parts of the "human" personality. The show certainly does not shy away from its exploration of the absolute worst parts of human interaction. 

Just don't get too meta about it. This is still the season where Rick and Jerry went to a resort where you can't die and Jerry gets sucked into a hand dryer in the bathroom. This season is self-aware, not a think piece on the human condition. The season isn't over yet; there is still plenty of dark wacky adventures, Rick rants and Smith family drama to be had (and if I get my way, maybe another peek into interdimensional TV). 

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