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Review: Ingrid Goes West

by Alexandra Weaver- Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Sep 5th 2017 06:00 pm

"Ingrid Goes West" is a dark comedy about a young woman, Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza), who becomes obsessed with Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) after discovering her on Instagram. 

The movie chronicles Ingrid's journey West, to live the glamourous L.A. lifestyle that she sees on Instagram. Before long, she begins using Taylor's Instagram page to stalk her. 

Though the movie's main character is anything but neurotypical, the movie manages to be funny without poking fun at the fact that she's struggling with a mental illness. Since Ingrid is the protagonist, we see things from her perspective. Though her perspective may be different from our own, her experience is still relatable. 

Most of us have found someone on Instagram who has a house that is way nicer than ours, in a posh city, with perfect hair, perfect clothes, a perfect boyfriend and on top of all that, they're skinnier than we are. It's hard not to fall victim to comparative thinking. While many of us wish we were someone else sometimes, we don't take the extra step that Ingrid does of actually trying to become that person. 

The difference between real life, and the life that we project onto our social media accounts plays a huge role in the film. As Ingrid gets close to Taylor, she learns that her life isn't as perfect as she makes it seem on Instagram; exactly like her own life isn't anything like the image she portrays. I thought touching on that issue was a smart choice, and that they did it in an effective way. 

The film is current, topical and funny without patronizing its subject or its audience. This is the first time I've seen a movie that involves social media this heavily and yet doesn't make fun of it or millennials or present the content to us like we're all stupid. Instead, the movie actually gives you something to think about when you walk out of the theater. 

My one qualm is that the trailer was a little misleading. Because of the preview, I imagined the movie would be mostly a comedy. Instead, it was darker and there were less jokes than I expected. Although it wasn't exactly the type of movie I thought it was, I wasn't disappointed with what I got. 

Watch "Ingrid Goes West" with a friend of yours that has a dark sense of humor and an open mind to the film's subject matter. Be prepared for a movie that is incredibly dark despite it's light, gorgeous settings. You'll get a few good laughs in, and you'll come away with something to think about. Overall, it will be time well-spent. 

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