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Review: Game of Thrones season finale

by Breonnah Colon-Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Sep 5th 2017 06:00 pm

As a diehard fan of George R.R. Martin's book series "A Song of Ice and Fire," I am no stranger to the very popular TV show, "Game of Thrones." Originally, I didn't watch the show because I was still reading the books and I didn't want to be confused by the differences between the two. However, since the next book in the series has been taking longer and longer to be released, I just had to find a way to sate my hunger for more. 

And here comes season seven in all its glory. Anyone who's a fan of something will typically say the latest version of their beloved franchise is the best, but this past season is hands down the best I have seen. Everything from the costumes worn by characters, to the plot twists, to the animation of the show was beautiful. "Game of Thrones" has better CGI than some movies I've seen, which just goes to show the sort of work being put into the overall production. I've never seen a dragon look so detailed that it blends into a landscape with actual people so flawlessly. 

Beyond just general production praise, this is a season jam-packed with situations and character involvement that I have been waiting years for. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have finally met each other and decided to work side by side (and a little more), the Stark children have finally reunited and are back home, and things are finally moving along in the direction everyone wanted them to go. 

Of course, as is the spirit of "Game of Thrones," nothing can ever be so beautiful and happy, at least not for long. While fans definitely got to see some of their greatest dreams for the characters come true, there were also a few nightmares that unfortunately took place. The falling of one of Daenerys' dragons at the hand of the Night King is certainly one of those nightmares, as well as the deaths of some of the beloved characters, such as the Dornish Princesses. Not to mention, Cersei is continuing on a downward spiral toward insanity. While that may not be too bad for some of us to see happen to her, it definitely can cause some problems for the characters we love, as we saw with her double crossing both Daenerys and Jon Snow at the end of this season. 

We have about two more years to wait until the next season and that's certainly heartbreaking. However, this season was definitely the best way to say "until next time" to fans. I look forward to the next season with high expectations because after all, winter has finally come. 

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