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Her vs Him

by Siomara Germain - Copy Editor/George Boria - Copy Editor

Conversations of sexual gratification

Wed, May 3rd 2017 02:20 pm
A question as old as time: is it the size of the boat or the motion in the ocean? Copy Editor Siomara Germain gives the opinion of the female while George Boria lends the perspective of the male. Let the battle begin!
A question as old as time: is it the size of the boat or the motion in the ocean? Copy Editor Siomara Germain gives the opinion of the female while George Boria lends the perspective of the male. Let the battle begin!


So maybe a virgin should not be writing this part of this fundamental argument, but I believe sex is a natural thing and in order to enjoy oneself, one needs to have more than just a physical connection. Personally, the connection should be spiritual, mental and emotional because the purpose of sex isn't to bust a nut or orgasm and if someone thinks it is, then they are doing it wrong. 

However, some people don't get to make  connections other than a physical connection. That's OK too but a lot of those women are being cheated because a lot of men are not lasting long enough. 

According to the elitedaily.com article, "With Most Men Not Lasting More Than 2 Minutes, Many Women Don't Reach Orgasm During Sex" by Katie Gonzalez, men are underperforming in the sheets. 

"According to a new book by sex expert Dr. Harry Fisch, although many men consider sex multiple times a day to be the norm, they're the ones underperforming when it comes down to actually doing the deed," Gonzalez stated.

About 45 percent of men finish the sex act within two minutes. Two minutes — that's 120 seconds. That is unacceptable. 

Gonzalez stated that "even though the average length of the average inter-vaginal sex session is about 7.3 minutes, that's still not particularly long, especially for women who usually take much longer than men to become aroused enough to have an orgasm."

Some guys just don't know the term "quality over quantity." I mean have you ever heard of foreplay? You're tender to your partner, as it is expected for them to reciprocate and then you do the deed. Think of it like a meal: you can't go straight to the main course without having the appetizer and you can't have dessert if you didn't finish the main course. 

My counterpart will try to argue that some women don't take care of themselves to provide a tight grip for men and that some women last about two minutes also and they can't keep going afterwards (insert eye rolling emoji here). 

According to the psychologytoday.com article, "The Rare Truth About 'Tight' and 'Loose' Women" by Michael Castleman, "the vagina's tightly folded muscle tissue is very elastic like an accordion or the mouth."

Castleman used the example of pulling one's mouth far back toward their ears; the mouth snaps back into place once released and if one does it 100 more times, there will be no permanent stretching due to the tissue being elastic. A woman's vaginal tissues are elastic. Well, sure, elastic becomes a little different after energy is released from it but it's physiology. If a man knows what he's doing, whether a woman is tight or "loose" should not be the reason that he is not lasting long enough because he gets his release in two minutes. 

So fellas, you should know that if you can't last long enough, you need to not have sex. This is a problem and you need to fix it. Us women don't need minutemen with pathetic penises. We need the opposite. 

So how do men with pathetic penises fix their pathetic penises? Exercise and try holding it in. I heard you fellas will experience a much better release and arousal. 

Step your game up, because if you are one of those minutemen, then you should know you are part of the reason some people think that sex is overrated. 

Women know that what's between their legs feels good but if you think you are mature enough to have sex, then you should know how to handle it without busting a nut so quick. Come on fellas, we are giving you a pass into the gates of heaven. If you are not worshipping our body from head to toe, you shouldn't be allowed near us at all. 



Sex is an interestingly awkward, erotic, personal and fun thing to do but so is streaking. Sex just provides certain rewards that something as streaking can not. 

Such rewards include: emotional empowerment, sexual exploration and the feeling of power. There is more to sex than just getting off because if that was all, as guys our hands will do a much better job than any woman can do. 

Sex creates an illusion of connectedness. According to the psychologytoday.com article, "Why Do We Have Sex?" there are reasons beyond simply getting laid and beyond procreation. 

According to the aforementioned article, "At the end of the day, sex is truly pleasurable because through it we may transcend our aloneness and form a meaningful bond with another human being." 

However, pleasure still plays an important role in sex. 

No one wants to have bad sex; they want to enjoy the process otherwise it just becomes a chore. 

The truth of the matter is that sex is not always this pie in the sky summit we're looking for. 

Women may argue that for them, their partner doesn't last long enough while men, on the other hand, may argue that their partner is too hard to please. 

Women argue that their partner is too small in size while men argue that their partner is too loose. Everyone is willing to blame people other than themselves for subpar sex.

I can get into an entire biological argument on how we evolved to have sex as quickly as possible and as variably as possible and that's why as men we naturally climax quicker than women on average, but then I'd be a hypocrite and I wouldn't be accepting any faults in my sexual performance. 

Now readers, cards on the table, my penis isn't the largest in the world; it's not at all close to the 18.9 inch penis that Roberto Cabrera has, according to the Express article "Man with biggest penis in world registered as half disabled as half metere member needs own pillow." 

It should just be well assumed that when compared to Cabrera, no guy who says he has a particularly large penis should be trusted. 

As the old adage goes: it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.

 Let's look at this practically. The average penis is about the length of the average vagina. 

According to webmd.com the average vagina length is 2.75 inches and stretches to 4.75 inches when aroused. 

According to medicalnewstoday.com the average penis length is about 2.8 inches flaccid and elongated to about 4.8 when erect. 

So on average, people should be pretty much content with each other's size unless you're saving yourself for marriage and get screwed over with a husband that has a micropenis. 

How about performance? If you have a great penis it doesn't matter unless you know how to use it. Likewise if you have a particularly tight vagina you better know how to use it.

Sex is more than a pump and chug hobby. There is oral, vaginal, anal, foreplay, mutual masturbation and just about every type of kink that may pop into your head. 

No matter how much blame gets placed on us guys ladies have as much as a responsibility to encourage their men to explore the varying types of sex as men have the responsibility to figure out what their women want. There is not one partner who is more at fault than the other when it comes to sex.


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