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Column: The dos and don'ts of partying

by Tori Martinez - Associate Managing Editor
Tue, May 2nd 2017 07:00 pm
Photos taken by Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR

Partying in college is a must for many college students, it's an item on their list of things to do that they cannot do without.There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to party, the best way to do so is to party smarter, not harder.
Photos taken by Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR Partying in college is a must for many college students, it's an item on their list of things to do that they cannot do without.There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to party, the best way to do so is to party smarter, not harder.
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I'm not sure how we made it, but cheers to another great semester and thank goodness it's over. This has been such a fun column to write, and I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned next semester, as I take you through more shops like Red Bird Cafe and Gift Shop, Seward Candies, Coleen's Kitchen and more. 

For now, in my last column of the semester, I'm going to take the time to give you some tips and tricks to partying in good ol' Brockport. It might not be closely linked to Main Street, but I find that a lot of students end up on Main Street in one way or another after a night of drinking. 

For those of you under 21 (so sorry), you're stuck searching for parties in the village or partying in your dorm room. My freshman year, my entire hall partied together right in the dorms. Granted, our resident assistant didn't care too much, but we were also smart about it (for the most part). Any advice I'm about to give comes from personal experience, seeing or hearing about my friends' experiences, or observing it while I've been out. Most of this is geared toward the new partiers, but I know some of you old folks still don't know what you're doing, so listen up.

Find a party ahead of time - do not walk around searching for one.

I get that sometimes walking around and searching for a party works and you end up finding one, but most of the time it does not. Most parties that are open are not obvious about it because they don't want them shut down. These open parties tend to be held in basements or houses with curtains that block all music and strobe/colored lights out. Check your friends' SnapChat stories, text them, walk around your dorm and ask, even reach out to acquaintances - chances are, someone you know knows of a party and can give you the info. If you go searching, you're likely not going to find a party and you'll be salty that you just walked around for more than an hour for nothing. 

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FRIEND -always stay with them.

This is still relevant for men (be a good friend and don't abandon them somewhere), but I'm going to focus on women for a second. Seriously, as annoying as your friend may be, don't just leave her somewhere. Girls: you have to stick together. You are not safe anywhere, especially when it's dark and you have alcohol in your system. Our society loves to blame drunk girls for being assaulted or worse, especially based on their clothing and alcohol consumption, and creeps love to prey on girls walking alone. Last September, a group of guys tried flirting with a girl walking home who wasn't interested and one of them ended up grabbing her and hitting her. Let me clarify that I don't not blame her at all; whatever situation she was in was 100 percent on the men who attacked her. But we have to take precautions, and power comes in numbers. There's no foolproof way to guarantee your safety, but stick with a friend or two and you chances of being attacked or assaulted decrease significantly. 

Do not try to "catch up" to your friends - drink at your own pace.

Everybody says this but it needs to be said again. RAs and other mentors are trying to teach you how not to die or get alcohol poisoning, but let's be real: most of the time you chug a couple of beers or Mike's Hard Lemonades, or throw back seven shots in half an hour trying to "catch up" to your friends. You don't need your stomach pumped or have to call the cops. You just end up hugging a toilet, blacking out and/or embarrassing yourself. I don't think anyone likes to blackout - it's scary not being able to remember what you did or how you got somewhere. At the end of the night, you end up puking and you can't remember anything and if you made a fool out of yourself or gave all your friends a hard time because they had to take care of you. No one is going to want to go out with you anymore. If you try to "catch up", all that alcohol is going to hit you at once and it's not going to be fun for you or the people who end up carrying you home.

Do not get so drunk that University Police won't let you into the spring concert.

My roommate couldn't get into the Logic concert and ended up on probation for a whole year. This advice really goes for anything though. If you're too drunk, bouncers won't let you into the bar, people won't let you into their parties, and Perri's and Jimmy Z's will probably end up kicking you out. If you're so drunk that you aren't allowed in a business, party or concert then who is that fun for? Definitely not you, since you just missed the show or didn't get your pizza, and probably not for the other people who were with you. If those people took my advice and didn't leave you alone, they wouldn't be stuck taking care of you at the end of the night. Not only did you ruin your own fun, but you ruined theirs. Keep track of how much you're drinking and know how many drinks have what kind of effects on you. If it helps, keep a marker in your pocket and keep a tally on your arm. 

Keep your party on the low and keep it inside.

This is for off-campus students and goes for any party you're having, but especially open parties where your house ends up with 40 people in it. You know how the Brockport Police Department is - they try to shut down every party they find. However, they can't find you if you don't have a ton of people standing on your front lawn and you're not blasting music with the windows open. You'd think this was pretty obvious information, yet every weekend I can still see which houses are bumping. If I can, so can the police. In my first point, I mentioned that most open parties are not obvious but there are always the few that break the rules. Also, just because your party isn't open doesn't mean it's not going to get busted. Even if it's only 10 of you, your noise level and visibility can still get you in trouble. 

Keep your dorm door shut and check your peephole before opening it.

First of all, the best way to avoid an RA busting your room is to keep your noise level down. I understand that this can be extremely difficult when you've been drinking, so the key to not getting caught is keeping your door shut. During my freshman year, one of the guys down the hall left his door open. Everyone in the room was taking shots. The RA walked by and, of course, saw everything. Again, my RA didn't care too much, but you probably won't be as lucky as we were. If you're smart and keep your door shut, please remember to check your peephole when you hear a knock. It's not always going to be your friend at the door, and if you open it with a Straw-ber-ita in your hand, you're going to end up on probation. 

One more thing: DO NOT open the door to a dorm room if you do not live there, especially without looking through the peephole. Let whoever lives there take care of it. If you get someone else's room in trouble because you opened the door without first checking who it was and warning them if it's an RA, they're never going to let you come over again.


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