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Student/professor relationships

by Emma Misiaszek - Photo Editor
Tue, May 2nd 2017 07:00 pm

Admit it, at least once or twice in your life you've had a crush on a teacher or a professor or have at least fantasized about having a steamy forbidden romance with one. We see these romances played out in a great deal of novels, television shows and movies. But does it really happen that much in real life? 

According to Charol Shakeshaft, a Hofstra University professor, it does. 

"Sex between teachers and students is much more common than people are willing to acknowledge," Shakeshaft says. 

So romantic relationships between students and professors are prevalent in today's society, but should they be? A lot of college's rules concerning the matter are  in fact tricky. 

A professor is allowed to have a relationship with a student, but only as long as they have no connections academic wise; meaning they cannot be their professors in any class, nor can they be associated through any of their college's clubs, sports or organizations. 

Still, this relationship is frowned upon by administration, and it is quite possible it may result in differential treatment of the involved faculty member. 

Based on the stories and cases of professor/student relationships I have read about, my advice is to not get involved, no matter how attractive your professor is. Most of the time, the faculty members are demoted or fired for their romantic involvement with students, and the students are often physically and/or emotionally abused and manipulated by their partner. 

Playing around with sex and power can be exciting, especially as a freshman or sophomore, but it's not worth the trouble. The media makes it look easier and steamier than the reality of these types of relationships are. But if you do find yourself in any sort of romantic relationship with a professor, be aware of the power differences between the two of you, know your limits, and if you feel pressured at all, make the decision to stop the relationship from continuing any further. 

Don't let "Pretty Little Liars" or for the older students, "Dawson's Creek", fool you - student professor relationships aren't all what they are hyped up to be. 

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