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Review: Grilled cheese on campus

by Tegan Mazur - Copy Editor
Tue, May 2nd 2017 07:00 pm

My pallet has always been of simple tastes. I often demand just the bare minimum in the simple foods that I like. The dining halls often have a large variety of foods that I can't stand, so the simpler foods were always my target. Amongst this small selection I had was the grilled cheese, a classic that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, BASC has a lackluster track record with these delicious grilled sandwiches, no doubt resulting from the quantity required.

There are two kinds of grilled cheese that the average on-campus student has experience with: the Brockway grilled cheese and the Harrison grilled cheese. I can't say that I'm someone who likes to play favorites, so I won't. Both types have their own pitfalls. 

I will say that Brockway has the edge. If you catch the kitchen on a lucky day you might be able to scrounge up one that isn't burnt to a crisp or smooshed like someone sat on it with fervent purpose. You might even be handed one that looks down right delicious, the glistening golden brown and gooey cheese plopping on my colorful plate like the lord almighty himself grilled it. However chances of the former are your best bet.

Harrison however, I have no hope for. The last I saw of them, they were undercooked, squished and maybe even a bit too old, but somehow managed to be hard and crusty as well. Either way, lunch in Harrison is best spent not at the grilled cheese station but elsewhere ... truly anywhere else. Part of me wants to take one out of pity for the despicable little sandwiches but my stomach and my mouth know better.

 One type of grilled cheese on campus that I will recommend is the one they make in The Square. There you'll find a cheesy creation less like the spawn of a middle-school cafeteria and more like a well-kept diner. If you've ever had a diner grilled cheese, you'll know what I'm talking about. It is a welcome reprise from the depressing crater you usually find in the center of your local BASC version of grilled cheese. It's nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done consistently and that's all you can ask for sometimes as a connoisseur in the wild west of grilled cheeses. 

For those who cherish the rich dance of bread, cheese and more bread, I wish you happy hunting on campus for the perfect grilled cheese, and I wish good luck to those who dare to utter the words: "Can I get a grilled cheese please?" in Brockway or Harrison. May God have mercy on your youthful, plucky souls.

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