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Ever evolving: Brockport has big changes planned for the future

by Siomara Germain - COPY EDITOR
Tue, May 2nd 2017 06:00 pm
Changes and improvements - The College at Brockport has seen many changes and improvements over the last few years but it seems that in the years ahead, there will be many more changes to grace the college.
Tara Kiah/STAFF PHOTOGAPHER Changes and improvements - The College at Brockport has seen many changes and improvements over the last few years but it seems that in the years ahead, there will be many more changes to grace the college.

As the semester comes to an end, The College at Brockport is getting ready for some changes for the upcoming  school year. 

The Stylus previously reported that Brockport was a three school college up until six years ago. Currently, the college has five schools and it plans to revert back to the  "old school way." 

According to the college's chief communications officer, David Mihaylov, the three school system is going to be a big change from the administration standpoint but students won't be affected by this new change. 

Interim Provost and Vice President for academic affairs Jim Haynes previously reported that the system will be saving the college around half a million dollars a year.

According to Haynes, currently the five schools have "one dean, one or two associate deans in each of those schools and one secretary."

The college recently made an announcement that two of the three new deans will be Jose Maliekal and Thomas Hernandez. Maliekal and Hernandez will become the dean of arts and sciences and the dean of education, health and human services.

"Some of the people just might not have the same job as they did before," Mihaylov said. "All three of our deans were already deans. Two of them won't be deans anymore. They may have the opportunity to apply to be associate deans or go back to teach as a faculty member."

This is a position Hernandez was hoping for and he is looking forward to working with the faculty and students to build this new school.

"I will be looking to expand our offerings of graduate programs in strategic areas," Hernandez said. 

Over the summer, there will be a lot of work done in the North Campus Revitalization Project. When students return in the fall, they should not expect as many detours. Finally, Brockport students will have the opportunity to experience the beautification and landscaping the current students have all been promised. 

For the meantime, more construction will be in progress on campus. Construction on the new dorm, which is currently unnamed, will start in late May and is expected to be completed by August 2018. Some of the existing residence halls will also be renovated. 

With the new dorm being built and the renovation of some of the existing residence halls, the college plans to expand its community. 

"We would like to grow our enrollment by 300 to 400 students over the next few years," Mihaylov said. 

According to Mihaylov, the college is also going to launch its new strategic plan July 1. The plan is expected to carry the college through the next five years. With the new strategic plan, the college will attempt to get more involved with the Brockport and Rochester communities.

"We'll be trying to do more partnerships and projects," Mihaylov said. "For instance, anti-poverty initiatives are going to be a bigger thing for us. We'll be talking about the many faces of poverty. We have a poverty institute that's based downtown in Rochester. I think that's going to start playing a bigger role."

Next year, the college will also start the process of moving its operation in Rochester from the MetroCenter to the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center building. 

"Hopefully in August of 2018, all of our Rochester classes and everything that takes place will be in the REOC building and we won't be in the MetroCenter anymore," Mihaylov said. 

That is going to be a big change because Brockport is the sponsoring campus for the REOC but the two have always been separated as far as what they offer and what they do. To have everything in one building will be more of an efficient use of resources. 

Another change that will grace the Brockport campus will be the Excelsior Scholarship. With this scholarship college students whose families make less than $100,000 a year will have the opportunity to receive free tuition. This will go into effect in August. The details are still being finalized.  

Students should also expect to see new faculty faces. The college has hired new faculty members.

"The college is searching for a new director for international education," Mihaylov said. "So, depending on who that person is we may have different focuses and we may try to recruit more international students and grow our study abroad programs."

As previously stated, changes are coming to Brockport but those changes seem to be for the benefit of everyone who is a part of the college. 



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