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2016-17: A year in review

Tue, May 2nd 2017 06:40 pm
Photos courtesy of Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR, Tara Kiah/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER, Alyssa Daley/EXECUTIVE EDITOR and governorandrewcuomo on Flickr
Photos courtesy of Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR, Tara Kiah/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER, Alyssa Daley/EXECUTIVE EDITOR and governorandrewcuomo on Flickr

This academic school year has been a tumultuous one to say the least. Students at The College at Brockport have experienced a series of different situations and events which will have a long lasting impact on both their memories and who they are as people. 

The Stylus has worked hard over the course of this year to make sure students are up to date and aware of different events that have taken place both on and off campus grounds. Here are 10 of our most impactful events covered and brought to you by The Stylus:

1) In October of 2016,  Brockport was host to one of several naturalization ceremonies which took place throughout the nation. Dozens of newly recognized citizens from countries ranging from Mexico to Russia traveled to Brockport's campus to celebrate.

2) Renown activist, author, and educator Angela Davis graced Brockport's campus for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. speech during Black History Month in the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester. Davis gave words of wisdom and inspiration for the faculty, staff, students and community members that made up her audience.

3) Students living and going to a university in New York State were met with great news last month when Governor Andrew Cuomo released information regarding the Excelsior Scholarship,  which would cover tuition for all publicly funded colleges within the state of New York.

4) Brockport itself was met with positive expectation when it was discovered the college is in the process of creating a new dorm building, which is currently being built on Plateau field.

5) Similar to the construction of the new dorm building is the ongoing renovation project across the campus. The project has been in place since the summer of 2016 and is expected to continue until the end of Spring 2018, if not earlier than planned.

6) Last week, the college was visited by glamorous popstar Kesha as she performed for our annual spring fest concert.

7) Fall 2016, the campus was rocked by the knowledge of a hate crime which took place in Gordon Hall. Students, faculty and staff alike were shocked to hear of a racial slur sprawled across a markerboard that hung outside the door of a student of color.

8) The impact of President Donald Trump's presidency was also big news as protests took place across campus and the impact of executive orders such as the Travel Ban were put into place by the Trump administration.

9) This year's Diversity Conference was also impactful as it touched on open-mindedness, growth and acceptance of others with Keynote speakers Matt Gould & Griffin Matthews.

10) Brockport Women's Basketball team made history this year with its first SUNYAC tournament win since 2008.

This year has been one of both great times and difficult times alike. Members of the Brockport community have needed to stand together and unite under adversity facing its students, faculty and staff. While at times things seemed tough, we have prevailed and we will continue to do so. We look forward to what next year's events and news will bring us here at The Stylus and we hope you will be here to share the experience with us.



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