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Trump deliberates on pulling U.S. out of Paris Agreement

by Breonnah Colon - Copy Desk Chief
Thu, Apr 27th 2017 09:45 pm

President Donald Trump has one of the most peculiar mindsets of any modern day politician - I use that term loosely - could have, especially living in today's society. I say this because it doesn't seem that Trump is aware of the reality he's living in. We get that our president is by all intensive purposes a senior citizen and we all know how much seniors love revering about "back in the old days" when things were never actually better, but more comfortable for their own ideologies and so they look back on the past with the nostalgic vehemence of a lost lover. Today's generation is constantly viewed as too open-minded for most of our seniors, including the president of the United States. However, the thing that separates Trump from other baby boomers is one important fact: he holds the highest position of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

It seems quite obvious that Trump knows this; in fact, he's somewhat arrogant about his position and may even be so egotistical as to mix up the position of president with the position of king at times. However, his lack of understanding of his duty and role are not the purpose of this article, although it is something every citizen should hold in the back of their minds. We are here to discuss Trump's outdated views of both society and the world as well as how his limited mindset and arrogance can potentially have a negative impact not only on the U.S., but virtually every country in the world.

How could this be? Well, quite unsurprisingly so, our president seems to be under the illusion that climate change is not an actual threat and should not be an issue at the forefront of our minds. In fact, Trump is of the exact opposite mindset of addressing climate change and not only intends to sweep greenhouse gas emissions, coral reef bleaching and the increase in extinction of several species under the rug, but he also seems to think that we can revert back to a time where using harmful energy sources like coal was acceptable. 

The Time article, "World Leaders On Edge as President Trump Weighs Pulling U.S. Out of Paris Climate Deal" by Justin Worland, explains that our delusional leader is considering removing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, which former President Barack Obama had made history by signing in September 2016. 

The article states, "Trump promised to pull the U.S. out of the landmark 2015 accord to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The potential impact of Trump's decision has led officials from some of the nearly 200 other nations in the pact to play an awkward waiting game, lobbying both privately and publicly for the U.S. to remain while insisting that they're positioned to take up its mantle should the country withdraw."

In a nutshell, this means Trump is moving backward. Rather than focusing on helping the environment and working on ways to be conscientious of the environmental impacts of our country's actions. The reason why Obama's signing the agreement proposed in Paris was such a big deal was because it was seen as an effort to do just that - be conscientious of the contribution the U.S. has in climate change and working to reduce that impact by establishing more sustainable ways to trade, produce and use energy. 

According to unfccc.int, the website the United Nations dedicated to information regarding climate change, "The Paris Agreement builds upon the Convention and - for the first time - brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects."

 It was seen as a stride toward global responsibility for the actions of humans who were contributing to the negative impacts of climate change and was viewed as a positive motion, especially since, "countries representing around 40 percent of global emissions [had joined around the same time as the U.S. in 2016] and more than 55 countries having already joined or publicly committed to work towards joining the agreement," as explained by obamawhitehouse.archives.gov.

So here's the point: Trump is currently deliberating on a political move that could have a large impact on the entire planet. While his time on this earth may be coming to a close, there are many others who still have a lot more to go. Just remember folks, America can't be great again if it doesn't exist anymore and us being "great" in the past is what got us in this mess in the first place. 


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