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Spring Fest 2017: Eagle Day & Kesha and the Creepies

by Kristina Livingston and Tegan Mazur - Executive Editor and Copy Editor
Mon, Apr 24th 2017 09:00 pm

It may have taken its sweet time in seeming like it, but spring has finally sprung in Brockport, and Spring Fest was just the way to kick it off. Brockport Student Government organized a whole fleet of events to comprise Spring Fest, not the least of which is the annually anticipated Eagle Day. This year the event was held in the Lot T next to Tuttle Athletic Complex.

Eagle Day is an event when students, seniors to freshmen, can head out on a beautiful day, get free food and play carnival games. In the last stretch before the final essays and tests start to squeeze in, this is an event to help students relax and have a good time.

The event featured several food trucks with a wide variety of delicious food. After students entered the event, they got a free "Eagle Day" T-shirt. Right after that there was a stand where you could grab wrapped hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and a cold bottle of water to wash it down with. After these two stands you could see the expanse of options in front of you. The Jimmy Z's food truck was there, a smoothie truck, a Dip'n'Dots truck, a gourmet grilled cheese truck. There was even a fried dough truck, just to add that extra feeling of a carnival atmosphere. After that you could sit back at some of the tables set up and enjoy the view. There was a man on stilts parading around, happy to take pictures with students.

There was also a grand assortment of games to choose from, everything from a rock climbing wall to real-life hungry hungry hippos. Those made of sterner stuff could stand in line to get a customized street sign. The line appeared short enough but the rate of climb through it was so long that you had to have serious chops to make it the front of the line without getting fed up with the possible hour and a half wait.

But wait, there's more! 

If all that wasn't enough to satisfy your carnival based needs, there was also a air brush stand and henna stand where students could get dragons, Batman logos and a whole array of air brush tattoos on their body, as well as a selection of henna tattoos.

Junior Emily Holcomb set out to Eagle Day with a single purpose in mind: try as much of the delicious food at the event as she could.

 "There's lots of good food ... Infinite free food is the best part," Holcomb said.

Last but certainly not least, for those willing to show off their guns, there was a strongman test, and of course there was no shortage of people lined up and huddled around the game to see who could ring that bell, many even trying to do it one handed for that extra flair of show boating. All-in-all, Eagle Day seemed to go off without a hitch, giving students the much needed fun before the rush of work and worry that always accompanies the end of the semester.

 To close out the spring celebration, following months of buzz, its only bump in the road being a unplanned date change, the Spring Fest concert brought Brockport students out for a night of favorite hits, glitter and free-spirited fun with Kesha and the Creepies. 

Taking the stage after opening alt-rock band Sinclair, Kesha greeted the students crowded against the stage with a rainbow fringe lined western jacket, the title of her current world tour, "F*ck the World," going up in lights behind her set. Creepies band member Brad Ashenfelter preceded her reveal with a statement that set the tone for an evening of denying the outside world control over one's self.

"You cannot f*ck with this band, and you cannot f*ck with this woman," Ashenfelter said, met with raucous cheers from the crowd.

Opening with 2010 radio hit "We R Who We R", Kesha began her performance at roughly 9:30 p.m. Following with "Your Love is My Drug," amidst the celebration, she made vocal once again her passionate support for the progress of LGBTQ rights as Ashenfelter waved a pride flag and American flag hybrid in front of the crowd.

"I love love," Kesha said.

Proceeding to entertain the crowd with other hits, such as the popular "Dinosaur", during which several Creepies band members donned dinosaur masks and danced in-sync with the singer, as well as "Blow" and "Take it Off", during which undergarments were encouraged to be thrown on stage. Kesha then performed a cover of Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me", urging the audience to never let anyone take and control their happiness.

Kesha expressed her gratitude to the audience for their continuous support, citing her lawsuit with abuser Dr. Luke as the reason new music has not been made public. According to Kesha, she has roughly 75 new songs waiting to be heard.

The BSG spring concert attracted guests from other area colleges, including SUNY Oswego junior Jessica Higgins.

"I think it was nice that she was like a throwback artist and had a lot of songs that most people would know," Higgins wrote in a private message.

Closing with what is considered her breakout hit, "Tik Tok", Kesha hinted at the crowd's potential to bring the performers back out on stage for an additional song per their level of enthusiasm. After a period of chants in the darkness, Kesha and the Creepies returned to perform a rendition of Pitbull's hit "Timber", on which Kesha is featured.

"Everything went perfectly for the show and with great communication, planning and organization my whole team stayed on top of things and made sure the night ran smoothly," BSG Programming Coordinator Kali Slawinski wrote in an email,"We have been swarmed with positive feedback and we are hearing that a lot of students are regretting not going after hearing about how well the show was."

Complete with a glitter drum and confetti cannons, the close to BSG's 2017 Spring Fest delivered a carefree night of empowerment through letting go and looking toward a bright future of new Kesha tunes.



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