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Review: "You're Not As ____ As You Think"

by A.J. DeThunder - 89.1 The Point
Mon, Apr 17th 2017 09:00 pm

 I have been hearing about Sorority Noise for quite some time now. So naturally, I decided to check out their new album when it was released. This quartet from Hartford, Connecticut seamlessly blends emo and punk together for a deep experience. This album is for fans of Brand New, Hawthorne Heights and Tiger's Jaw. It discusses powerful themes concerning friendship,  relationships and suicide. 

The album starts off with the moody track "No Halo", Both the main vocals and the supporting vocals are raw and emotional. At the beginning of the song the guitar and drums complement each other like two best friends. This is a rather short tune, but powerful nonetheless. 

The second track called "A Portrait Of" is semi-spoken word and I like it. This song is about trying to manage suicidal feelings within yourself and trying to help a friend who is going through the same struggle. "I'm not trying to say it's easy, I'm trying to say it's fine." The song follows the theme of much of the album, meaning that there is a strong thread of agnosticism and hate/ skepticism towards God.

"A Better Sun" has a really cool lyric video that you should check out, just YouTube search "Sorority Noise 'A Better Sun' (lyric video.)" There is strong parallelism in this song, each part starts off with the phrase "this is the part." The vocals are very grungy in this track; it sounds as if the vocalist is on the edge of tears or of he has been crying and is now singing. The drummer keeps a slow, steady beat that unequivocally mirrors the vocalist.

"Leave the fan on" is my favorite track from this album. It's a song that I want to listen to while snuggled up under the blankets.

"Disappeared" is another song that deals with the tough topics of death and depression. The vocalist talks about washing his hair for the first time in weeks because he has been so depressed. 

Some tracks from this album are definitely going on my summer road trip playlist.

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