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Review: "Louis C.K. 2017"

by Emma Misiaszek - Photo Editor
Mon, Apr 17th 2017 09:00 pm

"2017" is comedian Louis C.K.'s latest stand-up special and was released earlier this month on Netflix. If you don't know Louis C.K. from his stand-up, you may have seen or heard of his show "Louie" on FX or saw him as the host of April 8 episode of Saturday Night Live. 

In his new special, C.K. loses his trademark black sweat-stained shirt and jeans for a swanky new suit, but his comedy stays as hilarious as ever. 

C.K. doesn't take the expected route; he doesn't explicitly focus on or even mention America's current state of politics. This is even more surprising when you learn that the show was filmed in Washington D.C. 

Nonetheless, it is a nice change for those who are sick and tired of hearing about politics, whether in a serious or comedic sense. The title "2017" is quite misleading since C.K.'s performance does not mention any current specific issues but general issues that have been prevalent for years. His excluding of modern-day references gives the special almost an undisturbed and stress-free quality.

C.K is known for his dark humor, and does not disappoint in "2017." He delves into many taboo subjects, such as abortion, suicide and religion. His first line of the special is "So you know, I think abortion is, um..." which causes the crowd to immediately start laughing.

He is able to tackle such delicate topics successfully by intermingling impressions, little chuckles, and small comical detours. Fans of C.K. will enjoy his new special. He continues to implement his classic approach by using themes of existential despair and using blatant profanity in his experiences as the father of two young girls and as a man in today's world. He questions some of the most basic and accepted practices and conventions in modern society, such as the concept of time and how we treat loved ones who have passed. His candor is what truly makes "2017" distinctly hilarious.

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