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Brockport ranks 114 in national study of colleges

by Aaron Cerbone - NEWS EDITOR

Brockport ranking reveals statistics on college

Mon, Apr 17th 2017 09:00 pm
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Screenshot taken from bizjournals.com
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 A national report from the Buffalo weekly paper Buffalo Business First ranking colleges and universities around the country places The College at Brockport 114 out of 499. The study rates four-year public colleges and universities on all types of criteria, from earnings 10 years after graduation to racial diversity of the student body.

Sitting right below SUNY Oneonta (ranked 113,) Brockport is the fifth highest ranked SUNY college, with SUNY Geneseo taking the lead at 52. The past two years Brockport was ranked at 101 in 2016 and 106 in 2015.

Advancement is the most significant category taking up a quarter of the points possible. Aside from selectivity, which is worth 15 percent of the points, the other six groups are each worth 10 percent.

Along with the ranking, Buffalo Business First released a load of statistics on Brockport, including everything from the college's latitude and longitude to annual instructional spending.

Highlights from the data include both Brockport's retention rate of 81.9 percent which is much higher than the public college average of 64.2 percent and the similarity in the gender breakdown of undergrads and faculty with there only being a nine percent and five percent difference, respectively. The study also gave students a glimpse into our future with annual earnings for ex-students who entered school 10 years ago averaging $41,300.

The study included the college's annual instructional spending which comes to $95,031,150 or $14,958 per every full-time undergraduate.

It is part of Macpherson's strategic plan for the college to earn more rankings and awards. While the recognitions may not benefit students directly, the work Brockport puts into improving rankings and earning recognition makes the campus a better place.

Workgroups look at where the college is currently and determine what can be improved, bettering the school while working toward earning recognitions, awards and rankings. The report rates colleges based on eight factors: Selectivity, Advancement, Prospects, Resources, Costs, Diversity, Community and Past. While Brockport is continually changing to improve in each of these areas, the current strategic plan focuses specifically on "Community."

"As with all SUNY schools we have recently created a strategic plan for diversity, which was recognized by SUNY as being in the top 20 percent of the plans they received," Chief Communication Officer David Mihalyov said.

The data from the Buffalo Buisness First ranking shows the current state of racial diversity in Brockport and why the administration is focusing on improving it.



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