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Column: Stoneyard Breakfast Company brews breakfast right

by Tori Martinez - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Apr 11th 2017 10:00 pm
Photos courtesy of stoneyardbrewingcompany.com 

A growing hot spot for a good breakfast, the Stoneyard's Breakfast Company offers a host of solid breakfast experiences including a coffee bar where you can pick out your own mug and brew your own cup.
Photos courtesy of stoneyardbrewingcompany.com A growing hot spot for a good breakfast, the Stoneyard's Breakfast Company offers a host of solid breakfast experiences including a coffee bar where you can pick out your own mug and brew your own cup.
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 Have you been looking for a restaurant that serves breakfast skillets or french toast made from a different kind of fruit bread everyday? Have you been wondering what the shut-down Rocco's Bar looks like on the inside, now that it's been closed for more than a year? If you haven't been yet, it's about time you stop by Stoneyard Brewing Company's new restaurant on Clinton Street, right off Main Street. 

Last July, five months after Rocco's was forced to close (rest in peace), Stoneyard Breakfast Co. opened up, replacing the bar with a rustic, innovative "craft breakfast restaurant" that Stoneyard manager Jason Milliman says Brockport was lacking - we may have a couple of diners, but none with new, fresh ideas like those of Stoneyard Breakfast. 

Milliman works closely with owner Jay Nichols, mastermind behind the creation of the breakfast company. The idea had been brewing for a while, with a breakfast menu already in the works long before the business opened. It wasn't until Rocco's closed that they finally had a venue, making their idea a reality.

Milliman said their vision is ultimately to create a bed and breakfast. As you might have heard before, the company is hoping to open up a beer-themed inn in the former Whiteside, Barnett and Co. warehouse, conveniently next door. This restaurant would serve as the breakfast. This won't be happening for years, though.

The building was bought as is, meaning they had a lot of work to do before making the restaurant a reality. The bar that is in the middle of the room, the one that everyone danced on, was taken out, which really helps you forget it used to be a bar. The floors were pressure washed, removing any and all years of sweat and alcohol. Warm, inviting colors of red and brown complement handmade tabletops and a long bench that runs along the back wall, key to the rustic atmosphere.

What's interesting, in terms of interior design, is the back left corner. A wall separates the back bench and tables from a sectioned off sitting area with a couch and chairs. Milliman said they already had antique furniture in storage waiting to be used. Some of it, like the lamp, was furniture Milliman grew up with. That little sitting corner seems completely out of place in the restaurant itself, but follows closely to the Victorian theme of our village. 

My absolute favorite part of the restaurant is the coffee bar. It's one of the first things you might see walking in. Located to the right of the front bar is a smaller bar with self-serve coffee. There are always a few different options with varying flavors and decaf. Unique mugs hang from hooks on the wall above the bar and you get to choose your own. Their collection is highly impressive and I am extremely jealous. As a mug collector with only a total of 14, I feel so inferior.

You should know by now that I'm all about businesses and restaurants I can afford with my extremely low income. If you're looking for cheap food, don't bother. Stoneyard Breakfast is definitely not the kind of restaurant you want to go to every weekend if you have limited funds. You're probably going to spend around $15 a person. For $5 more, you can go to the Brockport Diner and get breakfast for two. So I can understand if you might be wondering, "Why would Tori suggest such a pricey eatery?" Well, everything is okay in moderation, right? If you're going to Stoneyard Breakfast, you're going for the experience and the quality, not because you were in search of a sweet deal. 

"Our product is farm fresh, free range, we have thick cut bacon and quality breads - our breakfast can't be done for the price you'd get at a normal diner," Milliman said. "So it'll cost a couple more dollars but we think the quality speaks for itself."

Don't let that scare you though. There are definitely cheaper options, like many of their sandwiches, hot skillet cinnabun and cast iron pancake, all of which are in the $6 range. You won't get as much food as you would if you spent $6 at a diner, but again, it's about the quality and experience. I mean seriously, where else in Brockport are you going to find two fresh cinnamon buns baked in a skillet, lathered with icing, until they're caramelized to gooey perfection? 

I see it as the kind of place you go to once or twice a month for a cute date or with a group of friends. Don't look at it like you're just looking for a place to eat, look at it like it's a place where you get to hang out with your friends while eating high-quality food. The first time I went was on a Saturday morning after a night out with a group of 10 people and it was the most fun I had eating out. My recommendation: meat lovers skillet, add avocado.

No matter the event or occasion, I promise you're going to find something you like. With a such a wide array of options that you probably haven't seen anywhere else, how could you not?


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