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Brockport student athlete presented with SUNY Chancellor Award

Tue, Apr 11th 2017 10:00 pm
Photos courtesy of the Brockport Athletic Communications via Flickr
Photos courtesy of the Brockport Athletic Communications via Flickr
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 Only 256 students out of the approximately 400,000 undergraduates enrolled at State University of New York Universities are given the honor of the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. It places them in the top .064 percent of the entire SUNY system for not only academics but also excellence outside of the classroom.

It's hard enough as a college student to maintain the academic standing necessary to even be nominated for this award. It is increasingly difficult for student athletes who also have to travel on the weekends to compete at the collegiate level.

No matter how difficult it may seem to the majority of these senior nursing majors and midfielder for The College at Brockport's women's soccer team Elizabeth Wilson was presented the Chancellor's Award Wednesday, April 5.

Only two other undergraduate students from Brockport were nominated and chosen to be presented this award and as a student-athlete this accomplishment is even more amazing. Many student-athletes are able to maintain a scholar-athlete title but to have the ability to balance athletics and academics so well that you're in the top percent both on and off the field is something to be recognized.

"My first impression of Liz was that she was very well-organized," women's soccer Head Coach Michael Idland said while thinking back on the day he was first introduced to the players he came into coaching, as this past season was his first here at Brockport.

There's no doubt that organization is a skill Wilson relied on heavily over her four years as a nursing major and a first strong player on the soccer team and although she may have been nominated and presented with the world this year excelling in both domains has been a part of the plan since freshman year.

"It's what I've been doing my whole life," Wilson said about balancing soccer and school. "Soccer and school, there two of the same thing. I had to keep a certain GPA for the nursing program and I needed to devote myself to the sport I came here to play."

In order to stay focused from her day one in freshman year until the moment she crosses the stage in May, Wilson found something that interested her: nursing. The ability to save someone's life is one of the main reasons Wilson decided to pursue getting into the nursing program here at Brockport and then applying for jobs after graduation which has lead her to already securing a position in Rochester and set to start directly after graduation.

To not only be nominated out of the select group of students who not only achieve the academic success needed to be admitted into the nursing program at the end of sophomore year but to also continue with the hard work and long hours to last until senior year and be one out of the three Brockport recipients from all different corners of campus is something special. When Wilson found out she had been nominated and had a chance to win the award she was deeply humbled.

"It was a huge honor to be nominated in general," Wilson said. "It was a really good feeling about everything that I'd done and worked for. [When I found out I won] it was just awesome, I don't know, it was a good feeling." Wilson's perseverance has paid off.  

For the earning of this award to be presented at a time when all of Wilson's hard work is about to come to fruition as finals week draws closer and she prepares for life outside of school it is the physical recognition of many late nights and early mornings, weeks with too little sleep and too much work and of course a lot of stress accompanied by a lot of fun memories. Wilson is living proof that through hard work, determination and the support of great programs like the nursing and the soccer programs here at Brockport anything is possible no matter how much it may seem to be so.


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