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Review: Rick and Morty

by Tegan Mazur - Copy Editor
Tue, Apr 11th 2017 10:00 pm

 Everyone's favorite portal jumping maniac and nervous, stammering buffoon are back at it again, folks! Season two of "Rick and Morty" left fans on more or less of a cliff hanger. I hesitate to call it that because although "Rick and Morty" follows a storyline that can retain consequences, unlike some cartoons, it's the kind of show that can go from 0 to 100 and back again in no time. 

Season three started off by dispensing the big plot point of season two. Rick had been imprisoned to save his family by The Federation. Rick spent the first episode of season three turning said government upside down and destroying it before returning to his daughter's home in typical Rick fashion. The entire episode was charged with the familiar fast paced violent crass shenanigans that any "Rick and Morty" fan can't get enough of.

"Rick and Morty" is a show that loves to be disgusting and unapologetic, as it tackles moral and ethical questions very seriously for the briefest of moments, and then completely disregards them in sudden bursts of brilliantly over-the-top, grotesque scenes like exploding bodies and laser based mutilation as if to point and laugh at the audience for taking the show seriously even for that brief moment. This episode had me wanting to shed a tear over a tragic Rick backstory, only to reveal not a moment later that it was not real and that Rick had made the whole thing up in order to swap brains with his enemy. I really have to stop falling for it.

This episode also saw another appearance of the council of Ricks, a gag that I can never get enough of. Especially when they deploy seal team Ricks. Spoiler alert for you more attentive fans, I was very sad to see the hammer faced Morty bite the dust this episode, but who knows, there could be more of them kicking around the Rick and Morty multiverse (fingers crossed).

The episode concludes with Rick declaring that the only reason he collapsed the government and saved his family was for szechwan dipping sauce, drooling and declaring he would spend nine more seasons of the show until he got the beloved dipping sauce he mentioned earlier in the episode. It was a perfect, sloppy way to end the episode, promising more antics but also feeling really off the cuff to say the least of everyone's favorite blue haired scientist. After the credits we also got a sneak peek at the return of another character, Bird Person, now called Phoenix Person. It's gonna be a good season.

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