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Construction starting for A.W. Brown

by Aaron Cerbone - NEWS EDITOR
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 10:00 pm
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Emma Misiaszek/PHOTO EDITOR BACK IN BROWN - A. W. Brown will soon be the next place on Brockport's list to go under renovations, especially to remove the asbestos present in the building.

 As The College at Brockport continues to renovate the main walkway through campus, another building is slated to begin construction. According to a press release on Daily Eagle, The A.W. Brown building is going to undergo minor renovation and major reconstruction throughout the year-long construction, updating the building and adding an Academic Success Center to the East wing.

Currently, there is a breezeway under the second floor on that side of the building but the construction will turn that area into an indoor center for tutoring, students with disabilities and the honor's college. The Academic Success Center has been in the works since being introduced in the college's 2011 Facility Master Plan but it has taken a while for the college to gather the financial capital for the project.

According to the Director of Planning for the college's Facilities Administration, John Osowski, the $8 million project is receiving $3 million in funding from the state and $5 million from the college's critical maintenance fund to renovate existing buildings.

Aside from the large addition of the Academic Success Center, the A.W. Brown building will also receive many smaller but essential changes during the reconstruction. 

     According to Osowski, new fire sprinklers, doors and detail work on the building will be added to improve the safety and design of the building. The double-pane windows and LED lights will make the building more energy efficient, with the change from fluorescent bulbs improving lighting efficiency by 80 percent. During construction, flooring containing asbestos will be removed and replaced to get rid of the dangerous material. The updated building will have universal access with entrance stairs being removed and sidewalks being raised; a new entrance will also be added on the north side facing the mall.

During construction the sidewalk to the West will be blocked and the breezeway will be restricted but the impact this construction will have on campus accessibility is much smaller than the college's other projects. The second floor of the building is currently open and can be accessed through the north entrance of the pedestrian overpass bridge.The project will be done in phases to allow parts of the building to be used at different times. The departments of Criminal Justice, Social Work and Counselor Education have relocated to Morgan Hall while others have stayed.

Construction is scheduled to be finished in Spring 2018; however, to avoid moving back in the middle of a semester, departments will return in Fall 2018. Brockport is in the middle of a large-scale and multi-faceted construction process and the A.W. Brown building is the latest Brockport facility to be reconstructed.



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