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McDermott commits to cultural change

by Kevin Plinzke-THE STYLUS
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 10:00 pm
Photo courtesy of The Morning Call
Photo courtesy of The Morning Call

  I don't know about you guys, but I think this Kool-aid tastes better and goes down easier than the stuff we've been drinking the last two plus seasons.

With all of the initial buzz dying down from the frenzy that is NFL free agency, teams blueprints are starting to come into perspective. The Buffalo Bills and Head Coach Sean McDermott are (so far) operating on a level that hasn't been seen in western New York for quite some time.

With Rex Ryan out, and former Carolina Panthers Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott in, there is an obvious, concerted effort to change the culture in the Bills locker room.

 The infamous pool table that the Rex Ryan era brought into the Bills locker room has been sold to the highest bidder, and Mcdermott has a clear focus on discipline and straightforwardness in his media relations. Holding players accountable for their words and actions will be a nice change of pace from Rex Ryan's teams, who have been frequently amongst the league leaders in penalties.

  I particularly hope that McDermott can have a positive effect on Bills former third overall pick, Marcell Dareus. Dareus has long been a problem under Ryan, as he has been suspended multiple times, and seems to have some trouble following the rules. This has led many to believe that he is not meeting his potential, and some Bills fans are very frustrated as a result.

It would also be very refreshing if the McDermott era could prevent so much turmoil from inside the Bills front office and the trickle down effect that has on the state of the team. The last two seasons have, at points, felt like soap operas with all of the finger pointing and public bashing of others.

This was perhaps ugliest right around the time that Ryan was fired, and GM Doug Whaley made the executive decision to bench starting QB and team leader, Tyrod Taylor. Everyone involved had an opinion and felt it necessary to share that opinion with the entirety of the media.

I, for one think that the Tyrod move to restructure his deal and keep him in Buffalo at a discounted price was perfect. As some of you all know, I have always had number 5's back and I plan on continuing that trend into next season. In my lifetime, I've never felt more secure about a Bills QB than T-Mobile.

 I am also a very big fan of the Bills presence in Free Agency this year. With some low-key signings that may not jump off the page, but will undoubtedly have an impact on the quality of the team. Particularly, the Micah Hyde move was very important as safety is a pivotal position in the defense that McDermott runs.

 I also love the signing of Andre Holmes, former Oakland Raiders receiver. He has long been an underrated presence in this league and I think he will be able to do some damage opposite Sammy Watkins.

Continuing with the trends of moves I liked, Lorenzo Alexander resigning was huge as they got him for a remarkably discounted rate for a guy coming off of a 12.5 sack season.

  It was also great to see Bills brass not blindly throwing money at Stephon Gilmore. As good as he had the capability of being, he was not worth the money the Patriots gave him and I would be happy to put it in writing that I don't think he will last the duration of that contract he signed with them.

Clearly, it's hard not to like what McDermott is doing. Honest, sincere,and straight forward are a couple of traits that will be a nice change of pace from what we've (unfortunately) been subjected to in Buffalo for too long.


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