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Review: Kendrick Lamar

by Kevin Plinzke - Staff Writer
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 08:00 pm

The hip-hop community has been blessed with two new tracks from King Kunta himself, Kendrick Lamar. 

The self proclaimed "greatest rapper alive" (as Lamar spits on one of the two tracks, "The Heart Part IV") is back in action and his words are coming out with ferocity and fire. 

"The Heart Part IV" and "Humble" are the titles of the two new Kendrick Lamar singles, and as a certified fan of Lamar's work since his 2013 debut album "good kid, m A. A. d city" I can say that he once again delivers the heat. 

Following up his critically acclaimed, sophomore album masterpiece, "To Pimp A Butterfly" Lamar released a short album of untitled, and unmastered songs, subsequently called, "untitled unmastered". These two tracks are the first from Kendrick since. 

Starting with "The Heart Part IV", its quite simple to see that Kendrick has a lot of animosity built up about a lot of things in life. This track includes a section where he is directly calling out a rap counterpart, saying "my fans we can't for me to son your punk *ss and crush your whole little sh*t. I'll big pun your punk *ss, you a scared little b*tch." 

The ferocity of which Kendrick spits on this track is one of the definite highlights. 

Another really nice feature of this track is the beat. It starts with a sultry, funk-esque beat that sounds very much like what we heard on "TPAB". Halfway through the song though, and specifically when Kendrick switches his flow to be more aggressive, a bass heavy beat kicks in that does wonderful work to compliment the heat of Kendrick's words. 

In terms of cultural presence, Kendrick Lamar is continuing his status as a socially conscious rapper. He raps about the state of the United States' government, saying "Donald Trump is a chump" and referencing the alleged ties to Russia. 

The second single Kendrick Lamar released is called, "Humble". This track has a very different feel from "The Heart Part IV" as the beat is hard-hitting, and Kendrick continues to use his wordplay to create vivid imagery. 

Another plus of the track is the catchy hook, which is Kendrick repeating "be humble, sit down." Short and sweet, I bet after one listen you will be repeating these words all day. 

As Lamar said on HPIV, "y'all got util April the 7th to get your sh*t together" which myself, and all Kendrick fans alike, are praying means that his fourth studio album is on the way.  

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