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Review: "Humanz"

by Tegan Mazur - Copy Editor
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 08:00 pm

 Pop on your coolest sunglasses and start your engine; it's time to listen to some Gorillaz. The new album does not go public in its full form until Friday, April 28. However, eager fans have the opportunity to sample four songs of the British virtual band's new album "Humanz". 

The first song you can take a sneak peek at is called "Saturn Barz". This song is trippy to say the least, but it delivers a strong first taste of the new work. It's a song that takes its time. It's in no rush to get to the end. 

The next song is "Andromeda". This song speeds things up a little, the beat picks up and the vocals have a little more consistency to them in terms of pacing. The song shifts however at the end and slows way down, hitting the breaks before coming to a complete stop before the next song starts. 

"Ascension" follows. It's grittier than the previous two songs with lyrics powerful enough to get your head swinging along and your knee tapping in your seat. I'd love to give you a taste of my favorite lyrics from the song but they're not exactly tame so to speak. 

The last song in the preview is called "We Got the Power". If we're looking at a coin "Ascension" is one side and "We Got the Power" is the other. They could not be any more different, though both are classic Gorillaz moods. "Ascension" is the sardonic energized melancholy like "Feel Good Inc." and "We Got the Power" has got all the airy hopefulness of "On Melancholy Hill". This last song has all the peppiness you could possibly expect to find in a song by this band. 

Together these songs are unique and enough to get any Gorillaz fan excited for the full album. It's all the oddity you come to expect from the band, all wrapped up in a fresh new set of tracks. It's not something that's going to blow your hair straight back in a rush of excitement, but you don't switch on some Gorillaz tunes for that. You turn them on to space out and have a chill time, which is exactly what you're going to get.

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