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REVIEW: "Beauty and the Beast"

by Kiara Alfonseca - Editor-in-Chief
Tue, Mar 28th 2017 11:00 pm

 Bring out your old dress-up gold gowns and start practicing your French accent. The new "Beauty and the Beast" really brings the tale as old as time to life. 

Emma Watson takes on the classic character of Belle and with her background as Hermione in "Harry Potter" franchise, she's the perfect fit. Seemingly natural in her role as the "odd one out," Watson embodies the character of Belle, almost an indistinguishable difference between the character and the actress. 

Beast in one word? Adorable. Don't expect Beast, played by Dan Stevens, to be dark or any more frightening in the live-action film. He's got big, lovely eyes and his own solo where he's humanized in full by his love for Belle.

The film, filled to the brim with lovable characters, beautiful musical compositions and hilarious additions to the writing combine to create a truly magical experience. 

While I won't go into the storyline's details: the kidnapping, the first dinner, the falling in love, the escape and the return. Despite being a movie about a woman falling in love with an animal, the movie's themes and magic trump the inherently disturbing plot. 

The talking furniture and their heightened sense of connection with themselves and Belle is supported by the great animation Disney constantly excels in. 

The costumes were extravagant and beautiful, contrasting the expertly put-together outfits of the poor, provincial townspeople.

Because of the tale's classic role in the Disney princess landscape, I recommend people of all ages go see this movie. 

Not only is the movie accessible for people of all ages, but transforming the film into a live action remake takes the story into a new dimension the cartoon version could never have accurately captured. "Beauty and the Beast" has become real and tangible, where the cartoon version could only exist in our dreams.

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