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50 Days Until Graduation

by Siomara Germain - Copy Editor
Tue, Mar 28th 2017 11:00 pm

Graduation is rapidly approaching; being that it is less than 50 days away. The College at Brockport seniors are getting ready to conclude a chapter in their life. For some it's bittersweet, while others can't wait to move one to bigger and better things.

After two to four years at this institution, there have been a lot of changes for students. From the club events in the Seymour College Union to the after parties at off-campus locations, lifelong friendships were made and friendships were broken. From the hard courses to the easy one and the internships to the jobs, from the relaxing weeks to the emotional breakdowns, one can say balancing college was no walk in the park.

Some students are not ready for the world outside of college after they graduate. That world involves paying back loans, struggling to find a job and paying more bills than enjoying themselves for some.

Brockport is preparing its students for graduation by having tabling events in the Seymour College Union to inform students of what will be taking place in the upcoming weeks leading up to graduation. From ring and cap and gown orders to claiming guest tickets to enjoying the different celebratory events that will be taking place during the last week of the semester, senior week. 

The Stylus caught up with a couple seniors who will be walking across the stage in May to get a view of what their experience at Brockport has been like.

History major Emily Fleming would probably have never found her passion for traveling without the people she has encountered at Brockport. Fleming traveled to France last summer and had one of the best experiences of her life. After graduation, Fleming will again travel to Paris.

"I will leave in May and I will stay there for three weeks," Fleming said. "Who knows maybe I'll stay. I haven't really put thought into what I am going to do after because I do not know. Sounds bad right?"

Like many other Brockport students, healthcare administration major Julian Moody just wants to graduate. 

After graduation, Moody said he hopes to get an internship that hopefully turns to a job. 

"I want to wait a couple years to pursue a masters degree," Moody said. 

When asked to describe his Brockport experience, Moody said it's been eventful. 

"My time at Brockport definitely had its ups and downs," Moody said. "I was blessed to find a group of friends who have helped me enjoy my experience."

Though Moody is not going to miss some of the controversial incidents that have occurred on campus during his time here, he does believe that Brockport has given him a better understanding of his major. 

"They showed me how broad the field is and how much goes into healthcare in general," Moody said. "I definitely believe that Brockport has prepared me for the next step of my life and that will be tested when I'm in the field but as of right now, I feel like I am prepared."

Fleming feels differently. 

"I don't think it's up to Brockport to prepare students for the next step of their life," Fleming said. "I am not trying to sound presumptuous but I belive it's up to yourself to prepare. We are adults therefore we need to not depend on something to make that choice for us."

A lot of students don't know what to expect when they get to college and often don't know how to handle it. Some students think all they have to do is go to classes and make sure they get a decent grade. However, college is so much more than simply passing your courses. There are a lot of organizations and leadership programs available for students to be involved. Those are some of the things that makes some students stand out. 

One regret Moody has of his time in college is not being involved earlier.

He advises incoming students and the students who will graduate after him to be aware and present. 

"College is what you make it," Moody said. "Get involved in as much as you can. Have fun and be careful of who you trust."

Moving forward, some of the faculty and some students who have left an impression on Moody and Fleming will be what they will miss most about being Brockport students.

"I do not regret meeting all of the people I have, either at parties or the cafe," Fleming said.  "I have learned and experienced so many beautiful souls." 

Communication department professor Mary McCrank is feeling bittersweet about having some of her pupils leave.

"It's always so bittersweet to see our students cross the stage," McCrank said. "I am so proud of them and know how hard they've worked to earn their degrees. But at the same time, I selfishly know how much I am going to miss them and it's hard to part ways."

However, McCrank usually catches up over lunch with  some of her alumni and use social media to stay connected to them.

McCrank up front during graduation ceremonies to capture the moment on her phone as some of her colleagues tweet. 

Good luck seniors!


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