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College Senate has a new leader

by Kiara Alfonseca - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
Mon, Mar 27th 2017 11:00 pm
Screenshot taken from Brockport.edu 
PRESIDENT ELECT - The College at Brockport Senate has elected their new president, Sandeep Singh.
Screenshot taken from Brockport.edu PRESIDENT ELECT - The College at Brockport Senate has elected their new president, Sandeep Singh.

 Sandeep Singh is the new president-elect of the College Senate, ready to take on the big role and lead the initiative in improving the presence of the College Senate in daily life here at The College at Brockport. 

Although many students don't know what the College Senate is, the organization composed of faculty and staff make a great difference in the college. The Senators serve as a right-hand service to the college president and are elected by their peers to represent and submit proposals for coursework and policies.

Singh's goals for his term are already in the news; he's actively taking advice from his predecessors like professor and current College Senate President Sharon Allen and is adapting to the new five-year strategic plan college president Heidi Macpherson has presented. 

He believes the governing body can help make the plan's goals of making Brockport a better place to work as a member of the faculty and staff is important and will help spearhead these tasks. 

"I believe that the College Senate acts as the voice of professional staff and faculty members on policy and campus governance matters," Singh said.

Relevance of the College Senate is important to Singh. Making a difference in the campus climate and working with students are two things Singh will continue to promote during his time as Senate president. Having relations with Brockport Student Government is a major part of keeping in contact with student concerns and being sure Brockport students have a voice. Singh assured The Stylus during an interview that the meetings are open and public, and students are welcome to attend.

One piece of advice Singh will take with him into the coming year?

"One advice that I have been given is to be able to look past the overwhelming amount of paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and do things that are of long-term strategic value," Singh said. 

When engaging with the new five-year plan, specifically where it concerns faculty and staff, his more than 20 years of experience at the college will be useful. Caring about the workplace Brockport has become for faculty like himself is one of the positive attributes and experienced traits Singh will use to implement what he knows best and what he knows can improve for the college community.



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