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Spring trip refreshes confidence after losing streak

by Matthew Laus-The stylus
Thu, Mar 9th 2017 12:00 pm
Photos courtesy of Brockport Athletic Communications via Flickr
Photos courtesy of Brockport Athletic Communications via Flickr
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 As the weather gets warmer it can only mean one thing: baseball is coming back. Yes, the time of the year filled with peanuts and Cracker Jacks is almost upon us. Even though the Chicago Cubs have not officially started defending their World Series title yet, the Golden Eagles' men's baseball season has been going on for a couple of weeks now. After some tough losses they still have the chance to right the ship because this season has really just begun.

The average goal for any team is to perform better than the last season, but the Golden Eagles have more specific goals than that.

Junior outfielder Luke Gilbert explained how close the team has become.  "I think the guys that we had return from last year's team have become closer and are playing better together," Gilbert said.

However, Gilbert also acknowledged that there are new challenges that the team must face.

"This is a new year and a new team and we have to keep working hard to be where we want to be at the end of the year," Gilbert said.

Even though the Golden Eagles are one game short from - a winning record, the team will no doubt continue to get better as long as the student-athletes stay healthy. Gilbert said the biggest challenge was avoiding an injury that could essentially bench a player for the remainder of the season.

"Every year brings new challenges and we as a whole have to do our best to battle through them," Gilbert said. "A challenge that we've already faced has been injuries. If we can stay healthy as a team we'll be just fine toward the end of the year."

Gilbert acknowledged that his goal for every season is to improve and hopefully end the season by getting to the SUNYAC Tournament and keep advancing.

The Golden Eagles have already proven their drive to succeed and improve this season. Junior Austin Hall thanked his coaches and other staff members for those accomplishments he's already been able to have due to their expertise and devotion to helping each player on the team excel.

"My biggest improvement from last season would have to be my strength," Hall said. "We have great off-season weightlifting coaches and the program they developed really helped me as a player."

Gilbert expressed that the number of years together as a team have been filled with improvements and advantages for the Golden Eagles.  

"Coming back for my third year I would say my confidence in myself and the guys I've been with has been our biggest improvement," Gilbert said. "We've been through the off-season, the preseason and the regular season before so we know what to expect. I think that's our biggest improvement, our experience."

Being an experienced team with 12 seniors remaining, The College at Brockport can call on each student-athlete's strengths to end this current season on a better note than last. The upcoming Florida spring training trip will serve as an opportunity for the team to continue to work on the skills it has been working on since last season and the few new ones it has discovered from this season's opening games.

"One of my goals for the spring trip would be to show up to every game and compete and hopefully end the trip with no losses," Hall said.

Gilbert echoed the same expectation.

"Our goal is to always keep improving individually and as a team," Gilbert said.


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