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Review: "Logan"

by Matthew Clark - Copy Editor
Tue, Mar 7th 2017 05:25 pm

"Logan" is the latest installment in the "X-men" franchise. The film continues the story of the ever-popular Logan, also known as Wolverine. The film showcases Hugh Jackman's final performance as Logan, who he will have portrayed nine times as of the release of "Logan". 

The film takes place in the year 2029, wherein society is filled with crime and mutants like Logan and Charles Xavier are hard to find. Struggling to get by, Logan works as a limo driver while caring for an ailing Xavier. Logan's life is interrupted when he meets Laura, a young girl who has the same powers as him. The three mutants embark on a roadtrip across the southwestern United States while being pursued by evil scientists and mercenaries who are out to capture them.  

The film is arguably the best addition to the "X-men" series so far. The film's tone switches from depressing and haunting to beautiful and hopeful from beginning to end. It is a perfect farewell to the character that audiences have come to love over the course of 17 years. Jackman not only delivers his finest performance as Wolverine, but one of the best performances in a comic book film to date. Jackman embodies the soul of a broken, lonely man with nothing left to live for after years of trauma and pain.  

Patrick Stewart returns as Xavier, the mind reading professor who suffers from seizures and a degenerative brain disorder. Despite Logan's bitterness, Xavier still acts as a leader that guides troubled mutants and helps them understand themselves. He continues to mentor Wolverine and takes in Laura, an act reminiscent of his days as Professor X. 

Laura is played by Dafne Keen, who perfectly mixes the savage nature of Wolverine with the innocence of a lost child. Laura and Logan's dynamic is interesting to watch because at first Logan wants nothing to do with her, but he eventually realizes they are both in need of each other's help.   

"Logan" is a moving film that will touch fans and newcomers to the genre alike. While most comic films made today try to tell the biggest stories they can with as many characters they can fit into one story, "Logan" proves that sometimes, less is more. "Logan" shies away from the city destroying sequel-baiting stories other X-men films have told and offers a quiet, character-driven neo-western that transcends the comic book genre while remaining faithful to everything that has come before. "Logan" proves that it's hard to say goodbye and this goodbye is one that will be remembered.