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Push and pull: Powerlifting competition tests strength

by Kiara Alfonseca-Editor-in-Chief
Tue, Feb 28th 2017 11:00 pm
Courtesy of Brockport Army ROTC
Courtesy of Brockport Army ROTC

Brockport Army Reserve Officers Training Corps and the Brockport Barbell Club recently collaborated to put on a powerlifting competition Saturday, Feb. 25. Powerlifting is all about strength; the clanks of the barbells hitting the floor after a deadlift or the grunts of competitors as they lift up to triple their body weight are common sounds of powerlifting. Three main lifts were required of each participant: squat; bench and deadlift.

Squatting requires participants to squat down to no larger than a 90 degree angle and lift the weight back up to the rack. Deadlift requires hip and lower back strength, as lifters lift the barbell along their calves, up against their thighs, thrusting their hips forward to secure the lift's completion. Bench, or bench/chest press, requires participants to lower the barbell down to their chest, pausing and pushing it back up. Their backsides cannot leave the surface of the bench or it becomes incomplete.

The competition was put on as a benefit, the proceeds going to the spring military ball for ROTC and for the Barbell Club itself to host future events such as this one. The event featured 18 competitors total, two of which were women; ROTC member Richard Jacobs, a co-organizer of the event, hopes to recruit more women for their next athletic event. The competition had two winners, one man and one woman. The winners, Mike Killian and Wendy DeHollander, each won a replica Cavalry sword and a blender bottle.

Jacobs was extremely pleased with the turnout of the event and is looking forward to more events of the sort.

"It turned out amazing. We couldn't be more proud to host this event for such an amazing crowd of competitors and supporters," Jacobs wrote in an email.

The event was developed by both ROTC and Barbell Club from shared goals of both participating organizations; they wanted to encourage fitness and wellness, while hosting a fun and interactive event.

"A huge thank you to everyone who helped our ROTC program and the Brockport Barbell Club set things up and get this event up and running," Jacobs wrote.