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Brockport brings Veg! club for vegans

by George Boria - Copy Editor
Tue, Feb 28th 2017 10:00 pm

 The College at Brockport houses 181 different clubs and organizations and prides itself on giving students the opportunity to unify and create new ones. Recently a group of students got together and did just that. Sophomore Mackenzie April, who has been a vegan for 11 months, and junior Bailey Morse, who has been a vegan for five years, felt the need for an organization where fellow vegans can get together and embrace their lifestyle.

It wasn't until the two young women saw a flyer that suggested that there should be a vegan and/or vegetarian club that the clubs creation began rolling. April took position of club president and Morse became vice president, six other students joined them and Veg! was born. 

Veg! provides a supportive environment for members of a little known and respected lifestyle. Vegans don't eat meat, or any animal-based products, such as eggs, cheese. They also don't use animal-based products, such as beauty products made using milk or other ingredients of the sort. Veg! offers support where the campus dining halls fail to.

"[Eating in the dining halls] can be pretty rough sometimes, but great on other days," April said. "I eat mostly rice/beans and potatoes along with fruits and vegetables, but the only place I can find (decent) tofu is at Brockway." 

This is a major concern of the club; coping with the obstacles of eating the right foods for their diet is something members encounter in their daily life.

"It's especially rough on theme nights as we sort of get forgotten about," Morse said. "I'm fine with eating salad and veggies, but there are a lot of things that the dining halls could do to make more vegan options that are easy and would even save them money, like using water instead of milk in the tomato soup."

Currently Veg! meets on a weekly basis. Together, members go out to vegan or vegetarian restaurants, discuss animal rights and even do things as laid back as movie nights with snacks. April and Morse agree that since they are not an official club yet, it's difficult for the group to be able to do anything on a campus-wide level. The group is looking for any faculty member sympathetic to their cause to be their faculty advisor and are open to having new people join them, whether or not they're vegans.

"I just want everyone to know that we are always open to having a conversation about this, so long as we're going to be given the same respect that we're giving [out]," Morse said. "I think a lot of the time, and I can only really speak for myself here, I can be standoffish when it comes to these issues because more often than not when someone approaches [us], they're coming in with the stigmas and stereotypes attached to our lifestyle."

As the Veg! club officers would say, if someone wants to join the club to educate themselves on animal rights topics, they are welcome to do so.


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