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'It's going down': Kesha to perform at spring concert

by Kiara Alfonseca - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
Tue, Feb 28th 2017 09:00 pm
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
TIK TOK It's about time Kesha decides to come to The College at Brockport.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons TIK TOK It's about time Kesha decides to come to The College at Brockport.

 Wednesday, Feb. 22, students at The College at Brockport gathered throughout the Seymour College Union Fireside Lounge awaiting the big moment when our spring concert performer was announced. Prepare for glitter and auto-tune; this year's performance headliner will be Kesha. 

The singer-songwriter who had her big break in 2009, dropped her last album back in 2012, with hits like "Die Young" and "C'mon." 

With eight top-10 hits, Kesha's a big name in pop and electro dance music. She'll be performing with her new band, The Creepies. 

Brockport Student Government's behind-the-scene efforts at getting a performer reach far beyond the announcement. BSG Programming Director Kali Slawinski gave The Stylus an inside look into how the student-run organization obtained such a popular artist. 

With one date available for the concert's SERC location, the coordinating team was at a disadvantage with the venue's availability.

"The process to get the spring concert all started back in December when artists would first begin knowing dates available for the following year," Slawinski said. "Kesha was brought up early on by the agent and we saw an opportunity after talking to similar schools that had hosted her and raved about her. So as a long shot bid I sent it out with the one date and by sure luck she accepted and it all fell into place."

Following last year's incident concerning Fetty Wap's absence from the spring concert in which he headlined, and years of BSG concerts of the rap and hip-hop genre, Slawinski saw this opportunity as one for change.

This year, students did not receive a survey asking for a preferred genre. This is because these polls set unreasonable expectations for performers and don't ease the impossible standard to please the campus. 

Artists on the survey, although they may have been voted in as a popular vote, may not fit into the limits of venue availability or may not accept the bid, according to Slawinski.

In a poll on The Stylus' Twitter, 233 users voted about their feelings on the concert: 59 percent voted "Yay," 20 percent voted "Nay" and 21 percent feel indifferent about the choice.

"I'm excited about Kesha because she's an artist that has super popular throwback songs and I get to wear glitter," Brockport student Charlotte Luft said. "She won her case [a lawsuit against her former music producer Dr Luke], and she is an awesome human being. So yay, Kesha!"

Kesha and the Creepies will perform onstage Friday, April 28. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. 

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Student tickets are on sale now for $10, guest tickets will cost $25.



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