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Trade causes potential shift in upcoming season

by Kevin Plinzke-STAFF WRITER
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 11:00 pm
Photos taken from ESPN
Photos taken from ESPN

 With the NBA Trade deadline looming, look for game changing trades.

Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins has a new home and I have a feeling by the time the trade deadline comes and goes, he is not going to be the only one recieving a new home.

The pleas from fans for the Sacramento Kings to "#FreeBoogie" were finally answered late Sunday night, into the early hours of Monday morning, as All-Star center and universally accepted top three big man in the NBA is now off to join his former Kentucky teammate, and another universally accepted top three big man in Anthony Davis. Cousins is now a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

It's scary that the two of them will occupy the same front court and I believe this trade is exactly what they needed to become more competitive in the elite Western conference.

Of course with every trade, there is a perceived "winner" which means there unfortunately also has to be a "loser" which many are already saying is the Kings.

I don't think it's black and white, since you really won't know who "wins" a trade until all of the moving pieces are settled and there is one team who got more out of it than the other. In this case, a player of Cousins' caliber you'd hope for at least a star in return, which I don't believe the Kings got.

The Kings received a future first round pick, a future second round pick, Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway and Tyreke Evans in exchange for Cousins.

This to me is a clear, desperate attempt by the Kings to rebuild their team.

Hield and Galloway are both young point guards with a lot of potential. Evans is more experienced and has been a quality player in this league for years.  Although he has had a habit of getting injured and has missed a lot of games the last couple of seasons.  

The two draft picks are always welcome, especially since the draft class is considered to be "loaded" this year by many experts.  The hope for the Kings is that they can finally pick two young players that can help this team become a success once again.

The Kings had an eye for the future with this deal and it might be ugly the rest of the way this year, but they will likely see better days down the road thanks to this trade.

I believe Cousins' trade won't be the only one we see this week. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see multiple superstars dealt in addition to Cousins. Of all the superstars names being thrown around, I think Carmelo Anthony will stay put in New York, along with Paul George in Indiana. There have been numerous rumors about both star players in the recent weeks. Anthony wants to stay in New York but there are rumors that he is on his way out.  As for George, he said to the media that he wants to play on a team in the race for an NBA championship.

It also wouldn't shock me to see Jimmy Butler leave Chicago. Chicago's team's chemistry has been subpar all season, and they could get some great value for him as a young, elite scorer.  Rondo, Wade, and Butler have not lived up to the big three that we all thought they would be at the start of the season.

The New York Knicks will likely stay put, or move around some bench guys to re-tool for a possible playoff run.  Although, the chances of a playoff birth are slim to none.  

 Moreover, it wouldn't shock me to see the Cavaliers make a move or two, since Lebron wants all the help he can get to defend his title from Steph, KD, and the other all-star caliber players on the Golden State Warriors in the finals.

I'll be keeping my eye on the clock, and on these trades, all the way until 3 p.m. this Thursday because I don't think we've seen the last major splash.


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