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Diversity plan commended by SUNY

by Siomara Germain - COPY EDITOR
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 11:00 pm
Photo taken from brockport.edu
GAME PLANS The College at Brockport's plan to improve the atmosphere of the campus has received approving remarks from SUNY.
Photo taken from brockport.edu GAME PLANS The College at Brockport's plan to improve the atmosphere of the campus has received approving remarks from SUNY.

 The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the President recently announced that it created a Strategic Plan that has been approved by State University of New York's Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer, Carlos N. Media, Ed.D. 

Known as the five-year Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the college's goal is to assess its biggest gaps in equity and inclusion and focus its efforts and resources on practical ways to f0ill these gaps collaboratively through transparent process.

From the plan, anyone can view the college's outline to make the campus environment more welcoming and safer for students and faculty of color, different religions and ethnicities as well as the LGBTQIA community.

According to Interim Assistant Provost for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer Milo Obourn, Brockport created this strategic plan because SUNY mandated that all SUNY Universities have a Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by Nov. 1, 2016.

"We wrote ours collaboratively over summer and fall 2016," Obourn said. "It required a lot of different perspectives and voices across campus. It was a great tool for bringing people together to discuss EDI needs and possible solutions."

Part of the plan states: "The College at Brockport campus community understands that the college is a microcosm of the broader world, in which there are many differing experiences and perspectives, and that inequities and oppressions continue to affect all people. The college holds as a central premise that an institution of higher learning should foster diversity of identity and opinion, and dismantle the biases and oppression that limit such diversity on both individual and institutional levels through active community building; structural transformation; curricular and co-curricular excellence; and social, cultural, and political engagement."

The president's office sent a letter expressing how it hopes this plan will help guide the college through the next five years and hopefully beyond.

"In putting forward this plan, we have asked ourselves where we can make the greatest impact with existing and future resources. We have attempted to align our strategies with the college's evolving Strategic Plan as well as with SUNY initiatives," stated in the letter from President Heidi Macpherson.

The goals are to balance of representation in faculty and staff, balance of representation in student body, curriculum, programming, and/or trainings and continue to build and maintain an inclusive and positive campus climate for every member. They have laid out a plan to hopefully successfully achieve each goal.

"We honestly want to build a better Brockport," Obourn said. 

Obourn goes on to say that the administration hopes to encourage greater diversity, equity, and inclusion at the college to make the community as strong as it can be. The end goal is for Brockport to became a truly great place to learn and work for all of its members.

Students, faculty and staff can expect gradual transformation to take place over the next five years here at Brockport "in overall cultural competence, integration, visibility of difference, and creation of initiatives based in the investments and work of campus members," according to the plan.

Obourn believes it is important for Brockport to set its bar high, even if the risk is having to revise, change or work differently on the way to meet those expectations. 

"As an institution valuing community, engagement, excellence and transformation, setting rigorous goals and following through with action and careful assessment is part of being the change we want to see and being the Brockport we want to be," Obourn said.

With a set plan of what they would like to see, the college is working to show the Brockport community results.



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