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Football team owner flips off fans

by Alyssa Daley-Executive Editor
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 11:00 pm
Photo taken from Wikipedia Commons
Photo taken from Wikipedia Commons
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 With much of the sports world taking a break from controversy this week, the biggest stories are those being told with good fun and in good humor.

For example, Canadian pro-tennis player Eugenie Bouchard lost a bet to a 22-years-old fan over who would win the Super Bowl and kept her promise that if the Falcons did lose she would take him on a date.

So in hopes of not making this a celebrity athlete gossip column, I've decided to talk about whether or not it's appropriate for the owner of a professional team to flip off fans of the opposing team after being spit on.

You may rightfully be wondering where this came from and it's because it actually happened. Owner of the football team Bayern Munich (yes European football), Carlo Ancelotti has completely owned up to throwing up his middle finger at Hertha Berlin fans during the match between the two teams Saturday, Feb. 18.

The only defense that Ancelotti has, considering that this happened in the 96th minute of the game right after his team scored to tie the match, is that he claims to have been spit on by Hertha Berlin fans.

For those of you who may not know, professional football games technically consist of 45-minute halves and so are said to be 90 minutes long. However, unlike other timed sports the clock doesn't stop when an injury, substitution, or any other type of interference happens so the time just gets added on. That's how there can be a 96th minute in a game meant to be only 90 minutes disregarding overtime.

So the game was very close, I'm sure tensions were running high and Ancelotti walks past some of the opposing team's fans just as his team denies them a win.  Then, the unexpected happens where Ancelotti reached the point of no return.

Ancelotti gets spit on and while angry from now having a stranger's saliva running down his face he flips off people in the general area that the rude gesture came from.  Unaware of who the spit came from he responded by making his displeasure felt by all the fans in the vicinity of the direction of the spit.

He's most definitely not the first one to do this. I'm sure many of us would do the same thing if we got spit on, however, the thing is: "with great power comes great responsibility".

Frankly, we hold celebrities, officials and really anyone with a title, to a higher standard. He is a professional team's owner; he should know the meaning of and be able to show constraint.

On the other hand, he was defending his honor and is not the first, last or worst coach or owner to make an offensive gesture in the public arena.

We should not take this moment to remember some of the coaches and owners who made even the rudest of people's jaws drop.

When you google "professional owners/coaches making rude gestures" you automatically come across Ancelotti's story since it is the most recent and everything else is link-upon-link to ethics and rules about being a proper sports management professional.

This proves that even in today's society you cannot get away with tossing up the middle finger as a public figure and get away unscathed.  Being in the public eye can be a blessing and a curse. This situation in particular shows us that it can be a curse.

There are certain gestures which will always be seen as unprofessional and this is one of them.  No matter what caused his anger, his response will be scrutinized much harder because he is an owner.

In light of this, I think it is a piece of solid advice to never let yourself, whether you're on the sidelines of a sporting event with your soon-to-be boss or in your respective work environment, lose control like Ancelotti did this past weekend.


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