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Brockport opens doors to open conversation

by Breonnah Colon - Copy Desk Chief
Tue, Feb 14th 2017 11:00 pm

Tensions have been high within the United States for about a year now. The 2016 presidential election has brought up some very deep rooted issues regarding race, religion, gender and other aspects of identity within our nation and as a result people are interacting with each other more - sometimes not for the better. In response to these issues, The College at Brockport has been offering different ways to educate students as well as offer a safe space for students to discuss issues they face or want to understand more. 

One way the college is offering students an outlet to learn about and discuss these issues is through the upcoming "Series of Conversations on Racial Justice, Cross-ranking Activism, and Becoming Agents of Change on Campus" events which will be taking place this week from February 13-17, according to the diversity page on brockport.edu. 

Each day of the week, besides Tuesday, Feb. 14, will hold several different conversations all taking place at various times. Hours range from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. depending on the day. Each conversation touches on a different group impacted by the issue and will be held at Eagle's Lookout. The week will close with an open discussion open to everyone interested in attending.

While this is one of the latest events the college has hosted to focus on diversity, inclusion and open dialogue, it certainly isn't anything new. In fact, this week's facilitated conversations have been planned since last summer, explained Interim Chief Diversity Coordinator Dr. Megan Obourn in an email.

"The talks have been planned since last summer," Obourn wrote. "They are a continuation and expansion of similar talks from spring 2015 [and are]  facilitated by Opening Door Diversity Project." 

Obourn explained the facilitated conversations are intended to address issues of racial justice in relevance to the school and allow a wide variety of perspectives on the topic in order to help gain awareness on the topic. 

 "The basic philosophy is that it helps create safer spaces for everyone to speak and have their voices heard," Obourn wrote.

For more information on Opening Doors visit, diversity-project.org.