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REVIEW: "The Walking Dead" AMC

by Jaymi Gooden - Campus Talk Editor
Tue, Feb 14th 2017 11:00 pm

"The Walking Dead" is back to finish the jaw dropping season it started in late October 2016. The mid-season premiere for season seven aired Sunday night at 9 p.m. on AMC and key characters Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon picked up right where they left off: at the mercy of the show's newest villain, Negan.

First, let me say that I appreciated the short commercial breaks because last season AMC was killing me with long pauses dedicated to frivolous ads. I felt cheated with only 35-40 minutes of "Walking Dead" time. Now, let's talk about the mid-season premiere.

Daryl's back and badder than ever with his surly attitude and impatience. He was separated from the group again as Rick forced him to stay at the Kingdom, another safe haven, in order to keep him safe from Negan and the saviors who Daryl escaped from in the December finale. Father Gabriel snuck off in the middle of the night and no one knows where, but they do know that he took all the food with him and left a note for the gang in a book that read "BOAT." Rosita, who is evidently more upset by the minute, claims that Gabriel just abandoned them but Rick and the others think there is more to his disappearance. Carol is still hiding away from everyone and that's the way she wants it. Why? I don't know; that chick is annoying.

"I don't want to kill people anymore. I've killed so many."

This is an apocalypse, Carol. Everyone has done things they didn't want to. Get over it and get it together, girl. There is a war coming.

The way the mid-season premiere was set up, it seems that the producers and writers of "TWD" have plans for this show to be on air for a long time. I'm talking for several years to come because nothing is getting resolved in time for the next finale. There are conflicts other than Negan and the savior's cruel and overbearing rule. Maggie is still pregnant, the leaders of the Hilltop, Gregory is still an ass and needs to go, tensions are fiery between Sasha and Rosita who are both mourning the loss of Abraham, a shared love interest, Negan is on the hunt for Daryl, Carol and Father Gabriel are MIA, Morgan is a skilled fighter but refuses to kill and is no help in convincing King Ezekial of the Kingdom in joining Rick to take down the saviors.

My head is surely spinning after this mid-season premiere and my guess is that it will continue to spin for seasons to come because it's very clear that Greg Nicotero, the creator and producer of "TWD" plans on keeping this show on TV for a long time.

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