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My body, my choice: Marchers "for life" aren't feminists

by Kiara Alfonseca - Editor-in-Chief

Marchers "for life" aren't feminists

Wed, Feb 8th 2017 03:15 pm

 First, let's be clear: it's "anti-abortion rights" and "pro-abortion rights." It's not "pro-life" or "pro-choice."

Second, if you're "anti-abortion rights," you are implying that your opinions, in some cases, your religion, have more say in government than my right to bodily autonomy.

Third, if you're against abortion rights, you are not a feminist. You believe the government should place restrictions on women's bodies. You believe I must carry an unplanned child for nine months even though I cannot financially care for the baby. You believe I must go through nine months of morning sickness and pain, watch my stomach expand, endure contractions and listen to the doctor explaining how far my cervix has stretched at the age of 16, 19, or -- to be honest, it doesn't matter.

You believe I must carry a baby, because I can always give it up for adoption instead. You believe I must give birth to the child so it can potentially grow up through a damaging foster care system, tossed from family to family. So it can grow up without knowing its biological parents, feeling as if it was simply unwanted and a mistake.

You believe I should take time off school to take care of an unplanned baby. You believe I should halt my education, all of the progress and successes I have racked up on my resume, because a condom broke. You believe I should raise a child that I will regret having because I had to give up on my dreams to raise it. You believe I should spend upwards of $245,000, according to CNN, until my child turns 18 because suddenly "all lives matter."

You cannot be a feminist and simultaneously march so I don't have the choice of what to do with my body and my life.

You march to defund Planned Parenthood, where only three percent of the services are for abortion and none of them are federally funded, according to The Washington Post. You believe women must give up other health care services they rely on because you're a bigot.

You march because you think pro-abortion rights means we're fighting for third term abortions, even though we only advocate for regulations that take into account the "life and health of the mother are taken into account," Hillary Clinton stated perfectly on the presidential debate stage, according to the Forbes article, "No, Late-Term Abortions Don't 'Rip' Babies Out Of Wombs -- And They Exist For A Reason". Third-term abortions are less than two percent of all procedures. You march because you haven't read up on the precedent Roe v. Wade has set for women in the United States concerning abortion.

You march because you say life starts when the heart starts beating, but science says life ends when brain activity stops, according to the CNN article, "Why brain dead means really dead" by Jacque Wilson and Jen Christensen.

You march to protect the unborn fetus, even though it is not an individual until it can breathe and live on its own.

You are not pro-women. Get your government out of my vagina.

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