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REVIEW: "Riverdale"

by Siomara Germain - Copy Editor
Tue, Jan 31st 2017 11:00 am

The notable character Archie Andrews as well as his friends from the "Archie" comics have found a new home at the small network with the new series "Riverdale."

The series, set in the small town of Riverdale, follows the murder of one of Archie's classmates. As every other series adapted from comics or books, there are a lot of differences. Thrown in is a murder mystery, a teacher and student sexual affair, a character's sexuality being written off, the background and relationship of some of the different main characters and a rich high school mean girl.

As a fan of the comics, I was surprised by this new murder mystery because the character who died in the show did not die in the comics. Nevertheless, it does give viewers something to be interested in rather than the typical love triangle between characters Archie, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

Archie, viewers' favorite redhead, spent the summer of sophomore year working for his father, as well as having a forbidden relationship with Ms. Grundy, his music teacher. In this version, Archie and Jughead are no longer friends and the mystery between what happened to their friendship intrigues viewers like me.

Betty, the girl next door and Archie's best friend, is smart, involved and a caring friend. She quickly befriends the rich new girl in town, Veronica, despite her mother ordering her not to hang out with her. She harbors deep feelings for Archie but he has his eyes set on Veronica at the moment. Betty is perfect. She has her whole life figured out and Archie feels like he doesn't deserve her. 

The actor who portrays the character Veronica does an amazing job at capturing the essence of the character as if it was made for her. Veronica, who in the comics is best friends with Betty, is new to town rather than growing up in Riverdale with Archie and the gang.

Despite the love triangle brewing between these three characters, the viewers can tell how much friendship matters to them. Veronica cares about Betty and doesn't want her own feelings for Archie to change their friendship. Though Jughead and Archie are not friends at the moment, one can foresee that they will be working to rebuild their old friendship as the show progresses.

This is one of a couple of times that fans of the comics have had the chance to see it in live-action and the creators of the show did not disappoint. Viewers don't need to be familiar with the "Archie" comics in order to watch "Riverdale." 

It's light but it's also dark and haunting. It will keep people wanting to know more. 

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