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Brockport wrestling continues to climb the ranks

by Kaleem Mogent-Sports Editor
Tue, Jan 31st 2017 09:00 pm
Photos courtesy of Brockport Athletic Communications via flickr.com
Photos courtesy of Brockport Athletic Communications via flickr.com

 First things first, put your talons up! I hope you all had a terrific break and are ready for a new year of Brockport wrestling.  The College at Brockport's wrestling team has been off to a commanding start and is already highly ranked in multiple polls.  Their 6-1 start to the season speaks for itself and they are eager for more wins.  Notable wins so far have been against Alfred State College, SUNY Oswego, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Southern Maine, and Worchester Polytechnic Institute.  

With Head Coach Don Murray at the helm they will continue to get better and better as they aspire to compete for regionals and nationals.  This year, they have a good chance of accomplishing those goals with wrestlers who are ranked top ten in the nation and the entire team ranked 13 and 19 by two different polls.  

 Junior wrestler Jonathan Haas is a division one transfer who was named the Empire Collegiate Wrestling Conference (ECWC) wrestler of the week for the week ending Jan. 22, 2017.  On top of this he was also given the honor of Most Outstanding Wrestler at the ECWC Championships.  

When asked about the accolades he has received this season, he said "It's cool to be recognized but I would rather remain under the radar. I like doing my work behind the scenes and unnoticed but it is nice seeing the family and friends that I care about and the people that care about me, proud of me and supportive of my wrestling because I know they will be there whether I win or lose."  

Haas already has his mind on improvements.

"[I need to] keep working hard inside and outside of the room and work on mistakes he has made in his last matches." I have no doubt that he will improve as the season wanes on.

Attention to detail is something he takes pride in.  

When asked about his pre-match ritual he said "I'm strangely superstitious. I try to keep everything the same, especially my warm up for every practice and tournament. I also pace alot before matches, ask coach Murray haha. As for the thoughts that go through my mind, I try to keep wrestling off my mind and that helps me to not overthink the upcoming match."

Haas transferred from Bloomsburg where he wrestled division one and I got a chance to ask him about the differences he feels at Brockport.   

"I think I am performing better because of the mental aspect of wrestling going into matches," Haas said. "I've been much more relaxed at Brockport which has helped me perform to capabilities. It is also a pleasure to wrestle for a man I looked up too growing up, coach Jacoutot."

At 125 lbs he is ranked 10th in the nation.  

Respectively, Sean Peacock is a junior and is ranked 6th weighing in at 149 lbs.

"Being ranked sixth in the nation is great, it's nice to be recognized for your hard work and all the time you put in, but sixth is not the goal," Peacock sais. "At the end of the day it's only a ranking and what matters is your performance at the national tournament."  He is proud of his ranking and the team's overall ranking but he is focused on being an All-American and national champion.  With one more year left here at Brockport he isn't getting caught up in the glamour but wants to be the best.   

 Last but not least, we have Triston Engle who is only a sophomore and is ranked 2nd in the nation at 197 lbs.

"Due to me being from a small town, the biggest difference is that back home, everyone knew who I was and were aware of my talent and capabilities," Engle said. "Whereas in college, not as many people know me or expect me to come out on top. That's why I like wrestling in college because I'm underestimated and nothing motivates me more than being underestimated."  

He will take on the number one nationally ranked wrestler in his weight class, that is also a three time national champion.   




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