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Trump fan? Single? TrumpSingles.com is what you need

by Tegan Mazur - Copy Editor
Tue, Jan 31st 2017 12:15 am
California citizen David Goss founded TrumpSingles.com (above) after he heard story after story about dates that had gone wrong due to political differences.
California citizen David Goss founded TrumpSingles.com (above) after he heard story after story about dates that had gone wrong due to political differences.

 If there is one thing on this planet worse than that wrinkly, orange potato of a president, it's the people who follow him. They come bearing prejudice, hate and a healthy appetite for the dating scene. Lucky for them, in a world where some people are not so inclined to support the president, there is a way to find that special someone missing in your life who also happens to love Donald Trump.

Enter, stage left, TrumpSingles.com. This lines up people looking for that special someone to share their love of President Trump with. The website has a surprisingly clean design and even allows for people to seek others of the same sex. I was surprised to see that as an available option; maybe they aren't so bad after all! Let's not get carried away.

Are we really going to sit here and not talk about how absolutely, insultingly ridiculous this whole thing is? Trump fans have been trying to claim they are under persecution for their support of the big jerk himself. What could be better than electing a president who exudes prejudice? Claiming you're persecuted for it and finding like-minded people to be close-minded with.

According to the iNews article, "Trump supporters having a hard time dating turning to Trump Singles site" by Heather Saul, there are over 26,000 users on the site. 8,000 of the users joined just since Trump was elected president. The interesting thing about this is that although it makes my skin crawl personally to think about a Trump supporter, TrumpSingles.com is not necessarily evil in and of itself. No one who suffers at the heel of Trump's boot will suffer any more so if Trump supporters pair up. 

Saul's article also mentions that the site has been attacked several times since it opened in May and has gone down for days at a time. Many of the users of the site have expressed relief, as in the usual context of dating, it is difficult to find someone who will not immediately disengage when their dates find out they are Trump supporters. According to the iNews article, many users express that the site is a safe haven in a time when politics has climbed the social ladder to define what is and what isn't a deal breaker when it comes to dating. This actually gives insight into the mind of a Trump supporter.

After a fair bit of thought about that, I figured out just what irks me so much about TrumpSingles.com. What do Trump supporters have to complain about in this context? The website itself implies to such a ridiculous degree that Trump supporters have a rational reason to be truly uncomfortable and afraid about their political allegiance. 

The fact that they feel that the political climate is stigmatizing them in an unfair way is furthering this absolutely ludicrous notion. How dare they support and perpetuate a political culture that pushes minority groups back to the fringes that they have worked and died to move away from, then piss and moan when those minority groups get angry about it, especially when their discontentment stems from something as trivial as the dating scene. 

They do not get the luxury of complaining about a climate that is not even half as aggressive and dangerous as the one they helped create, especially when the people not dating them are doing so because they are discriminatory. Instead of fleeing from the world and heading to a safe little narrow-minded bubble, perhaps they could open their minds a bit and accept a larger, more diverse portrait of the world. I know that isn't going to happen. I know they think that their narrow-mindedness is somehow equitable to someone being uncomfortable with their prejudice, but it's not. 

According to the NY Daily News article, "Make Dating Great Again: Trump Singles matchmaking site is for President-elect supporters only" by Nicole Bitette, the creator of the site, David Goss, thought of the idea because his Democrat friends were using a similar site for the same purpose. I can safely say that although I'm not a huge fan of dating sites to begin with, you simply cannot equate these two scenarios. 

There is no situation where you should discount or ignore the context of a Trump supporter and all the hate mongering they participate in. You do not get to play the predator on Wednesday night when you put your klan hood on and play the prey on Saturday night when you're trying to get laid. 



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