Margaret Stewart

Margaret Stewart
Managing Editor

Time at The Stylus: One Year
Major: English Literature and Journalism and Broadcasting
Interests: Writing, adventuring, and board games
Personal Quote: "Though she be but little, she is fierce."


                                                                         Articles by Margaret Stewart:  

  • Hard to swallow: embracing a political Thanksgiving

    The Union Gallery smelled like Thanksgiving on Monday, Nov. 25 as students from the Political Science Club gathered for their event "A Depolarized Dinner." In order to prepare for going home and being swarmed by family, the club hosted the event in order to get everyone's opinions on every controversial topic they could think of.

  • Future teachers to receive degree in education

    The College at Brockport was founded in 1835 and was primarily used to train future teachers. While the college has widely expanded in the last 184 years, the education department is expecting a few more changes in the near future. 

  • Brockport High School evacuated for bomb threat

    A bomb threat at Brockport High School caused students to be evacuated in the morning of Friday, Nov. 22. As the elementary and middle school students had a half day due to pre-scheduled parent teacher conferences, the high schoolers were moved from the high school to A.D. Oliver Middle School, according to Audrey Archer a student at the high school.

  • First Latino President to lead US Catholic bishops

    The bishops of the U.S. Catholic church made a symbolic choice for its next president at a recent conference.

  • Afghan government and Taliban in open communication

    In September of 2019 the Afghan government used its appearance at the U.N. General Assembly to warn insurgents, "join us in peace, or we will continue to fight," according to AP.

  • Village of Brockport to rebrand its image

    Similar to how people change over time, places evolve as well and currently the Village of Brockport is in the middle of a change. Brockport Mayor Margaret Blackman says the village is working to rebrand itself from being the "Victorian Village on the Erie Canal."    

  • Bigger than the individual: a nation not a tribe

    November is traditionally Native American Heritage month and as such, Gender Equity Movement club hosted the Executive Director of the Native American Cultural Center, Ronnie Pollack, on Thursday, Nov. 7 to discuss her Native American ancestry. 

  • BSG looks to the stars in collaborative event

    The Brockport Student Government (BSG) gave students the opportunity to combine science and Pinterest in its two-part event on Friday, Nov. 8. Students first gathered at The Brockport College Planetarium at 7 p.m. for the first of two showings of the night where they learned more about astronomy. 

  • Open call: Geva Theatre Center discusses outreach

     Rochester's own Geva Theatre is defying the national trend that is seeing the decline in local theater subscription. While most other theaters are seeing a lack of subscribers, Geva continues to see a steady amount of people regularly subscribing and attending performances. 

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