Brianna Bush

Brianna Bush
Executive Editor

Time at The Stylus: One Year
Major: Journalism and Broadcasting
Interests: Reading, writing, photography, baking, and sports
Personal Quote: "I used to think I was indecisive, but now, I'm not too sure."


                                                                         Articles by Brianna Bush:  

  • Keystone Oil spill ignites new environmental conversations

    Across the world, oil spills are causing irreversible damage to the environments in which pipelines, drills and riggs have been constructed. These damages are not only harming the flora and the fawna, but the entire ecosystems that are inhabited by humans and animals alike.

  • "Carnival Fashion Show" bridges cultural divide

    Showcasing Caribbean culture and showing The College at Brockport there is more than meets the eye, the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) held its annual "Carnival Fashion Show" titled Treasures of the Caribbean: Welcome to Spice Island. The show featured music from DJ Morefiyahdread, DJ Blacks and a live saxophone performance from James Fuentes, as well as dance performances from the CSAs dance team, Devine Dancas.

  • Mysterious beaching of marine animals raises questions

    Imagine this — you are walking on the sand after a long car ride and the first thing you see are groups of whales and/or dolphins marooned on the beach crying out for help. People are running around trying to get the gentle creatures back to the water only to have them swim for the shore again. A question to ask now — why is this happening? 

  • Karbala, Iraq demonstrations lead to more than 18 deaths

    Around the world, these demonstrations have been met by their respective governments or armies and violently forced to stop. On Tuesday, Oct. 29, in Bagdad, Iraq masked gunmen opened fire on protestors, killing up to 18 and injuring hundreds.

  • Brockport hosts Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra for annual fall show

    In a town as small as Brockport, there are times when people are looking for things to do on Friday nights. Not every person is looking to go out and some people want to find something calming to do that won't indent their wallet. The College at Brockport offered a way for the community to enjoy a Friday night with The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) concert without breaking the bank. 

  • Halloween-themed concert highlights student arrangement

     In honor of the Halloween season, The College at Brockport's Xylophone Ensemble and Brass Ensemble performed an array of eerily arranged music during its Spooky Sounds concert Wednesday, Oct. 30 in Tower Fine Arts. 

  • "Lights Up" Harry Styles

    After a year of "social media silence," former One Direction (1D) star Harry Styles broke the internet following the release of his new single "Lights Up" on National Coming Out Day, paired with a sexually-charged music video. 

  • Debates spark amid leaked animal testing footage

    In the modern world, cosmetics and medications rule and control parts of our lives. People take pills or other supplements to control their health, while others apply makeup to feel better about themselves or help them feel more comfortable. But before any of these products hit the shelves, they must be tested.

  • Harlequins rumored to tackle comedy - Online Exclusive

    Entertainment is based on human interest and, for the most part, humans find significance in something they weren't necessarily supposed to hear. Gossip is one of those things that attract the psyche and bring intrigue with them. 

  • Move to make the Diversity Conference more accessible

    The 19th annual Diversity Conference hosted on the campus at The College at Brockport boasts of drawing a wide audience from around the Greater Rochester Area. However, there are many students attending college who miss out on this experience. 

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