Brianna Bush

Brianna Bush

Staff Member since: Fall 2018
Major: Journalism and Broadcasting
Interests: Reading, writing, photography, baking, and sports
Personal Quote: "I used to think I was indecisive, but now, I'm not too sure."


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  • Pence designated to handle U.S. response to coronavirus

    Over the last month, the number of coronavirus cases present in the U.S. has almost tripled and, in response, President Donald Trump believed his best option to handle the White House response was Vice President Mike Pence. Many Americans are left unhappy with this choice because of the way Pence handled the 2015 HIV outbreak in Indiana.

  • 'Tis the season to fight off a stigma: The WNY Reptile Show

    In the world, there are many fears. At the top of the list are spiders and coming in second are snakes. Those fears are the byproduct of how someone was raised or the fear was just in them without any exposure. In order to help dissolve the stigma that is the basis of many peoples' fears, reptile experts banded together in the form of reptile show.

  • Forum held in wake of diversity crisis

    In response to diversity, discrimination and in honor of Black History Month, Men of Color (MOC) hosted The College at Brockport's first ever WOKE Forum. The forum was held in the Seymour Union on Sunday, March 1.

  • "To Die For" Sam Smith

    Death anxiety is one of the first things that came to mind with Sam Smith's new single "To Die For." Like many of Smith's songs the lyrical composition paired with a great instrumental make up for a song that can tug at the heart strings of many listeners.

  • Invasive species endangers fragile ecosystem

    When Hawaii comes to mind, usually people think of it as a vacation spot. Some even forget that Hawaii is a part of the United States. What people really don't think about is the environmental effects the tourists and traders bring to the island.

  • Billy Porter addresses modern LGBTQ issues

    On Tuesday, Feb. 4 President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union Address highlighting the accomplishments of America over the last century, lightly touching issues that involve the LGBTQ community. In a similar fashion, actor and activist Billy Porter gave his own address titled, The State of the LGBTQ Union.

  • Campus protest makes its way to president's office

    Students, faculty and staff staged a protest on The College at Brockport's campus on Thursday, Feb. 13, to "combat systematic issues — particularly relating to race and ethnicity — that currently exist within the Brockport campus and community," according to an email sent two days prior.

  • Statements allege UP chief attempted to "dig up dirt" on Archie

    Andrew Burns, an attorney for The College at Brockport's former Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Cephas Archie, Ph.D., released a statement on Monday, Feb. 17, alleging the college's University Police Chief Daniel Vasile had contacted a former colleague of Archie's as part of an investigation.

  • Coming full circle

    The College at Brockport administration recently appointed Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Lorraine Acker Ph.D. as the interim Chief Diversity Officer for the college.

  • Brockport struggles with diversity

    In the last few weeks, The College at Brockport has come under review in regards to diversity after the firing of Cephas Archie, Ph.D., as well as a Charge of Discrimination filed by Executive Assistant to the Vice President Victoria Elsenheimer.

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