Brianna Bush

Brianna Bush

Staff Member since: Fall 2018
Major: Journalism and Broadcasting
Interests: Reading, writing, photography, baking, and sports
Personal Quote: "I used to think I was indecisive, but now, I'm not too sure."


                                                                         Articles by Brianna Bush:  

  • Invasive species endangers fragile ecosystem

    When Hawaii comes to mind, usually people think of it as a vacation spot. Some even forget that Hawaii is a part of the United States. What people really don't think about is the environmental effects the tourists and traders bring to the island.

  • Billy Porter addresses modern LGBTQ issues

    On Tuesday, Feb. 4 President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union Address highlighting the accomplishments of America over the last century, lightly touching issues that involve the LGBTQ community. In a similar fashion, actor and activist Billy Porter gave his own address titled, The State of the LGBTQ Union.

  • Campus protest makes its way to president's office

    Students, faculty and staff staged a protest on The College at Brockport's campus on Thursday, Feb. 13, to "combat systematic issues — particularly relating to race and ethnicity — that currently exist within the Brockport campus and community," according to an email sent two days prior.

  • Statements allege UP chief attempted to "dig up dirt" on Archie

    Andrew Burns, an attorney for The College at Brockport's former Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Cephas Archie, Ph.D., released a statement on Monday, Feb. 17, alleging the college's University Police Chief Daniel Vasile had contacted a former colleague of Archie's as part of an investigation.

  • Coming full circle

    The College at Brockport administration recently appointed Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Lorraine Acker Ph.D. as the interim Chief Diversity Officer for the college.

  • Brockport struggles with diversity

    In the last few weeks, The College at Brockport has come under review in regards to diversity after the firing of Cephas Archie, Ph.D., as well as a Charge of Discrimination filed by Executive Assistant to the Vice President Victoria Elsenheimer.

  • Wildfires continue to wreak havoc on Australia coast

    Over the last few months, Australia has been ravaged by wildfires. These fires have not only laid waste to the land, but the animals that inhabit it. Australia recently caught a swift break when rain came during the week of the Australia Open, but the fires are continuing to rage on near Australian Capital Territory (ACT). 

  • "Fine Line" Harry Styles

    Unlike his previous album, former One Direction member Harry Styles has taken a more soft rock vibe with "Fine Line." The 12 track album has a diverse combination of songs that leaves listeners wanting more.

  • Costa Rica: A trip to paradise

    Pura Vida. It's not only a saying but a greeting, a slogan and a way of life in Costa Rica. After spending more than a week exploring the vast rainforest and epic mountains, I had come to realize that this is how life should be lived — in its purest form.

  • Open conversation: Brockport community voices concerns over firing of CDO

    Students of The College at Brockport gathered in the Seymour College Union in solidarity, after hearing Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), Cephas Archie, Ph.D., was fired. Once gathered, the students proceeded to march peacefully to College President Heidi Macpherson's house...

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